Ringling Bullhook Abuse at the Verizon Center in Manchester, N.H., September 27, 2012


Ringling Bullhook Abuse at the Verizon Center in Manchester, N.H., September 27, 2012 – Video footage taken at the Verizon Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, on September 27, 2012, shows an elephant with Ringling’s Red Unit who is forced to pe…


25 Responses to Ringling Bullhook Abuse at the Verizon Center in Manchester, N.H., September 27, 2012

  • TheProdigyBro says:

    The elephant should trample him. I never understood how a measly human can
    seem so threatening compared to a lion, whom they trample all the time
    without fear. Some people just don’t get that animals are someone and not
    some thing. Thanks for sharing this PETA. 🙂

  • Carol Correa says:

    poor elephant….shupid man

  • betty Jane says:

    I bet after the show when no one was around the circus trainers tortured
    that poor soul.. . even if circuses are banned from using bullhooks we need
    to get the elephants out of their, those monsters would just find or think
    of another weapon or way to keep hurting them. Elephants are highly
    intelligent beautiful creatures that deserve to be in the wild living in
    harmony with their families not for entertaining us humans for profit.

  • Lucy Webb says:

    I’ve been to a circus once, and hated it. I don’t see what’s entertaining
    about watching animals performing tricks that are so unnatural to them. It
    makes me sad =(

  • angelipics says:

    Those poor animals taken from their natural habitats and used in shows kept
    in small cages or chained … I feel so bad for them. I went a circus once
    and after seeing how those animals are kept in tiny cages with marks on
    them I told my mom not to take me there ever again.

  • PhilosoPheebs says:

    This is absolutely no way to treat such a magestic and much loved creature,
    but mor importantly, soul… SHARE THIS!

  • optiKalismo says:

    IF they did do that (alleged “abuse”) after the show WHY would you want to
    sit up here and watch it??

  • Taylor P says:

    Well the people who took their children to the show probably didn’t know
    about the abuse.

  • bibimarlou says:

    these animals do not belong in the circus, this is abuse, this is horrible,
    these animals need their freedom back in nature!!!!

  • Lui Demo says:

    Basta con questi spettacoli da anfiteatro romano. Non si puó costruire
    l´intrattenimento e il divertimento di alcuni sulla sofferenza di altri.
    Chi lo fá é semplicemente un sadista !!!

  • SuChan . says:

    Not only, that the music was WAY too loud for those poor elephants, they
    hit and scare them to hell. That’s why I refuse to go to such shows

  • Breast Cancer Yoga says:

    Thanks for sharing! We at Breast Cancer Yoga view animal abuse an important
    issue we should all be educated on and do are part to prevent!

  • vincent sciortino says:

    what i want to know is, what is peta doing about this, this has been going
    on for years and its still going on

  • Tinkme27 says:

    Are you blind? Elephants don’t even want to be there!

  • John says:

    Damn idiots. why can’t people realize this?

  • Lisa Walker says:

    Is this true? Facebook page: PETA kill amimals “”Instead of finding homes
    for the adoptable dogs and cats in their care, PETA employees routinely
    kill most of them. Much of PETA’s $32 million budget funds bizarre media
    events and celebrity stunts. “”

  • Tinkme27 says:

    I don’t like this kind of circuses

  • Angxlic says:

    What is wrong with these people, they have no respect for these animals…
    How would they like getting stabbed in the face!

  • BoBo Li says:

    Im thinking,,,how much torture do these animals get before they do this,,,
    its already hard enough for humans to learn these obsticles, just think how
    hard it is for these animals….they dont even speak human language… So
    sad ppl these days still do these kind of things to make a living,,, just

  • Izzy Wisteria says:

    This is so awful!!!!

  • TragicShow says:

    Um, what exactly is the problem with what they’re doing?

  • krlostv says:

    I will never go to a circus

  • Michael Katz says:

    Circus animals have been abused longer than I have been on this earth and
    yet it is allowed to continue. Where are all the Animal Rights Groups and
    better than that, where is the ASPCA and the Human Societies when abuse
    like this occurs. This is going to continue until these organizations step
    up to the plate and become the voice of these animals.

  • arabianlover14 says:

    I honestly do not find circuses entertaining. I’ve only been to one, the
    Ringling circus. My grandfather trains horses for a living, and he treats
    his horses with respect, and they are never forced to do anything. But,
    after seeing how the horses, and the rest of the animals, at the circus
    were treated, i told myself i would never go to another circus. I also do
    not like rodeos.

  • GiselLovesMakeup says:

    i dont understand how someone could hurt an animal like that

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