Does It Take One to Treat One?


Does It Take One to Treat One? – An interview with Dr. Stanton Peele. Produced and directed by Patrick and Andrea Bergin. Copyright First Vision Productions 2003.


12 Responses to Does It Take One to Treat One?

  • ghhj says:

    Carrying the message is for helping yourself, the message is how it helped
    you and whatt you did.

  • ghhj says:

    If it works for millions of people why not try and help peole with what
    worked for them?

  • blasphemer1981 says:

    I used to go to NA meetings for years and it doesn’t matter. I still used
    if I wanted to. Now that I no longer go only a few of my so called friends
    from the program talk to me. It’s almost like a cult. More like a bunch of

  • 99motleycrue says:

    Hmmm this Gray Cup Day (Canadian) will be my 22nd anniversary of quitting
    alcohol, no rehab, no 12 Steps .. you mean I did it all wrong after all
    these years? … think I’ll have a drink so I can join the cult of A.A.
    …. there you go all you Ph.D’s …. YESSS !!!!

  • pjbergin says:

    Because it doesn’t work for millions of people.

  • BlatzBeer says:

    @psychechange …”the prognosis before AA for alcoholics was grim.” Oh?
    Says who? That’s a line that AAer’s like to repeat ad nauseum without
    citing any statistics whatsoever. I agree with Jack Trimpey: people have
    been overcoming self-defeating behavior, including substance abuse, for
    thousands of years. And it’s a common occurrence. My evidence? Family
    members who have kicked severe alcohol abuse and dependence–before AA even

  • telethon123 says:

    codependency noun excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a
    partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness or
    addiction. I’d say NEEDING someone else for one’s sobriety qualifies as
    excessive. We should offer support, not foster more dependence.

  • raby760 says:

    Not promoting which is good. Unfortunately for our society, our government
    requires that people with DUIs to go to AA and this isn’t the best method
    for 90% of the people. Therefore, it’s our government which is Christian
    biased that promotes the AA method. This is not fair and is very unjust.
    But if you are the 10% that finds that program useful, then the more power
    to you.

  • psychechange says:

    AA is not perfect because people are not perfect. With a background in
    psychology and qualified both in addiction counselling, and therapeutic
    counselling I know the the prognosis before AA for alcoholics was grim. Its
    easy to down play a fellowship like AA now but it gave alcoholics a chance
    that did not exist before that. People also reject Freud and his theories
    today too but without him there would be no counselling and psychotherapy
    and lots of people suffering in silence. Short Memories

  • spiraldarkseraphim says:

    Militant Islam “works” for millions of people. Evangelical Christianity
    “works” for millions of people. What we mean by “works” ? That it helps
    those people to stay sober? My sister stays away from crack cocaine
    partially because she loves animals and houses a large number of them. She
    doesn’t attend 12 step groups. I know other people who stay stay away from
    their former drugs of over-use simply by willpower.

  • quickcap says:

    AA began when 2 drunks met and realized they needed eachother to stay
    sober. It is the enduring spirit of AA. One drunk helping another. We
    “carry the message” by helping – not by promoting.

  • ghhj says:

    go to a convention and see the thousands it is working for and just about
    every person there knows hundreds it has and is working for, thats proof
    enough. works for me and that’s good enough for me.

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