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Child Support in California Under the Table Jobs?

Question by *: child support in California under the table jobs?
In a California child support situation where the mother has custody and the father is to pay child support but works under the table….how does that work? He could claim he is older, sick/hurt, out of work because of the economy, and is not working. In this case I know he is and spends his money drinking, doing meth, and setting up drug deals for extra cash. Is the system so broke that he will get away with not taking care of his responsibilities?
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For the one person…Rape wasn’t her choice. The b.s. CA justice system wasn’t her choice. Keeping the child was her choice and she could have just aborted. Maybe would have been best : /
oh and they were not married

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Answer by Who Who
Nope. One turn him in for working under the table. You need to know who he works for.

Next the court will use minimum wage for the calculations, so he still has to pay. And not working is not the answer. Keep after him.

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