Need Help to Stop Smoking Crack?

Question by James: Need help to stop smoking crack?
Today I gave up my bank card and all money. Then my mind quit racing. I’ve been on crack for 10yrs, 15 treatment center, have a 12 step sponsor, been with the same therapist 3yr.I’m attending Bible College obtained Assoc Degree, at University of Michigan junior, Crash a multi million dollar business, went to prison for 18mos for drug use, divorsesd ex couldn’t take it any more, have slept in empty houses, now I have my own apt. But I can’t stop the cravings. I have 3 days clean today, I want to use so bad, but im not because I removed all money and gave my house keys and car to a friend. I dont know any drug dealer who will come out for free. Tonight i feel free.

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Answer by Amy Gallant
I have no experience with crack, but I do with other addictive drugs, so I’ll just take those experiences and magnify them 1,000 times… #1) Be proud of yourself. The rest of your life starts now. You can make your future much better than your past. #2) Your body is craving crack but YOU are not your body. People have out of body experiences and remember things when they were brain-dead because they are NOT their bodies.

Still, how our bodies feel affects our mood greatly so I’d recommend deep breathing, meditation, and other things that can get you in touch with your body and feel better. I remember going to a Zen Center once and the meditation was *honestly* much better than narcotics (even when they were at their best). Our minds are capable of much more than we know. Unfortunately, I often fall back into bad mental habits instead of feeling the aware, alive, euphoria I can create on my own.

Enjoy your freedom. Even if you’re feeling awful physically, SMILE because at least this is real freedom and it will get better and better. Addiction is bondage and leads nowhere but down and down and down. Keep going up! 🙂

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