Does a Drug Rehabilitation Program Really Work?

Question by callista b: Does a drug rehabilitation program really work?
I have a neighbor who went to a drug rehabilitation center for a year, but he went back to doing drugs again after that. This just makes me think about whether those programs really work or not.

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Answer by JD
I think with anything, wheel power is more powerful that any rehabilitabtion programs on the planet, i am a strong believer that rehabilitation programs help people that want to be helped. And that want to help themselves.

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  • catherine_ann says:

    Recovery varies from person to person. There are persons who recover from addiction and go straight to abstinence in just a short span of time. With regard to your question, yes, drug rehabilitation programs work. It just didn’t work for your neighbor because he most likely didn’t really want to steer away from drugs. There could have been a lot of factors that got him to go back to taking drugs. If a person really wants to change, though, recovery from addiction would go over faster.

  • mimi says:

    the success of the program does’nt rely on the center only.the patient should cooperate too so that the program will reach a success.maybe your neighbor just cant give up drugs yet,and maybe he was sneaking around the rehab.maybe thats why he didnt change.or he just loves drugs soo much….what do i know?i havent done drugs yet,dammit!

  • phxmilitarymom says:

    These programs only work for people who sincerely want to quit the lifestyle and are looking for support to help them quit. I have seen them work and have seen them fail. Usually if the person was arrested and this was part of the sentence it is a waste of time and money as they are just doing it as part of probation or to avoid jail and will go back to it the minute they can.
    For those people who really want an out of the lifestyle they are terrific! The programs not only help and educate them they are there for them for life when the need help and think they may slip up again. My sister was a junkie for years and finally decided enough was enough – she went in with the “I want help!” mentality and has been clean for 3 years now and never plans to return to that lifestyle as all she has to do is pick up the phone if she starts thinking down those roads again. So, it really depends on the person,n the circumstance and how dedicated they are to remaining clean and sober.

  • iluvboyswholuvmetal says:

    They help yes…but you know its mostly in your head..people say they did it again because the program didnt work but its not the program its the person.

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