My Friend Is Addicted to Shooting Up Crack.. Is There a Group for ME?

Question by *1STTIMEMOMMY2BE* DUE 11/13/10: my friend is addicted to shooting up crack.. is there a group for ME?
this has been a ongoing problem. Its hard to know what addiction is until you see somebody you care about going through it. I finally got his mom to help me and we took him to a crisis center last night. This whole situation has took a tole on me mentally physically and emontionally.. i live in canton ohio.. and i was wondering if there was any groups that i could go to and talk to somebody? like a group for friends and familys of addicts.. PLEASE HELP!

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Answer by Jessica
Sorry to hear about your friend, but asking for help for youself–definitely asking the right question!! Al-anon is especially for friends and families of alcoholics/addicts. I went for a few years and was really helpful. al-anon is worldwide and there should be a few in your area. Hope it helps you.

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