My Friend Is Addicted to Shooting Up Crack.. Is There a Group for ME?

Question by *1STTIMEMOMMY2BE* DUE 11/13/10: my friend is addicted to shooting up crack.. is there a group for ME?
this has been a ongoing problem. Its hard to know what addiction is until you see somebody you care about going through it. I finally got his mom to help me and we took him to a crisis center last night. This whole situation has took a tole on me mentally physically and emontionally.. i live in canton ohio.. and i was wondering if there was any groups that i could go to and talk to somebody? like a group for friends and familys of addicts.. PLEASE HELP!

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Answer by Jessica
Sorry to hear about your friend, but asking for help for youself–definitely asking the right question!! Al-anon is especially for friends and families of alcoholics/addicts. I went for a few years and was really helpful. al-anon is worldwide and there should be a few in your area. Hope it helps you.

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  • Voiceless Podium says:

    On this site, there is supportive friends and family section

    It’s for people suffering AND supportive friends and family of people suffering from ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, depression, social anxiety, self injury habits, schizophrenia, and other mental health issues. You can find a list of symptoms on the forum section.
    You are alone! There are millions of people suffering silently from these invisible torments.
    We are here to provide a safe, family-like community where nobody is judged, ridiculed, or treated badly. Our aim is to provide a place where you can open up without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, or like you have to keep everything bottled up
    Operating mainly through our Forums, we serve as a support and information service to everyone in the area who are limited by these obstacles. A place where you can speak your mind, share your opinions, thoughts and personal experiences with one another.


    Registration is free and I am known as Starburst on the site and forums. Hope to see you there !

  • Brooke says:

    OK first of all Im 37 years old and have been to every rehab from Hazelton to stateETCpointed rehabs. N/A and A/A which honestly is the most successful and biggest and free! is all it took for me. I did drugs for 22 years.( ALL OF THEM INCLUDING SHOOTING CRACK which is very easy) Honestly intill he is ready to quit or you can get some kind of family or professional interventionist (which still didnt stop me) he is not going to quit. I have been sober for 5 years and it took alot of pain and emotioal damage for me to stop. Most people die. I own a small halfway house and I detox people off Methadone. I do this for my recovery and in my situation will always be associated with addicts in some way as part of my obligation to help a addict in need of help. Here is my email [email protected] .I will answer any questions you have and can point you to the nearest N/A group around your area. ( which is free ALWAYS!) best wishes David.

  • AIDS Resource Center Ohio says:

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