I Need to Know About Requirements to Work in a Drug Rehab Center?

Question by Ms. Reaves: I need to know about requirements to work in a drug rehab center?
Because of a friend’s drug addiction, I have recently decided to have a career in a drug rehabilitation.

I’ve wanted to be an RN for a while, but I’m sure there are other requirements to work with patients in drug rehab centers.

I don’t really need to know the actions of the people and what I’ll be dealing with so much as what the REQUIREMENTS are.

If you know of any links or have any advice, please let me know.

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Answer by pay it forward
My local library has a Vocational Guidance book. It has about 3 or 4 pages on each job. So find a good librarian & get this info. If you are in a school go to a counselor & set up a meeting with one. Call colledges cause you might have to go to a specific one to find the right course. I would also ask treatment centers if they have anyone there who could speak to you & have your questions ready for an interview or take them to lunch & you pay or if a phone interview you would want to send them a thank you. Many addiction couselors are former addicts so remember to interview different people. Some has a family member. I am not a counselor but I have a son who died at age 20, 9 years ago. So be prepared for some real emotional stuff. Thank you friend for putting you on this path. He or She needs to feel they are of some value so it all helps.

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