Y&R ……….SPOILERS…….what Is Wrong?

Question by MAK: Y&R ……….SPOILERS…….what is wrong?
with everyone?

Meggie goes to the rehab center and leaves alcohol with Deacon for him to give to Nikki. Mr. Sharpe starts to have second thoughts. He’s started to care for Nikki and doesn’t want to jeopardize her sobriety anymore. Deacon gives the booze to a rehab employee instead.

Meanwhile, Nikki learns from Victoria that Victor tried to have her banned from the rehab center and rips him a new one. Victoria pleads with her mother not to take the plunge with Victor again. Nikki leans on Deacon and the two almost kiss again! Later, Meggie tells Deacon she is going to slip Victor a mickey and head off to Las Vegas to get hitched! Once that happens, Meggie plans on drugging the Black Knight yet again in order to gain his money. Meggie starts to pick up on Deacon’s blossoming feelings for Nikki and figures out he is not down for the cause anymore. The barmaid realizes Deacon is a liability.

Victor uses Meggie as a sounding board regarding Nikki. Meggie seizes this opportunity to plant doubts in Victor’s mind and get closer to him. Meggie actually manages to marry Victor, resulting in Nikki turning elsewhere for comfort! Will she sleep with Deacon?!

Victoria is crushed when she learns JT and Mac are leaving town with Reed.

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