Would You Guys Read a Book About………..?

Question by kevn4o8: Would you guys Read a book about………..?
would you read a book about a young man who gets kidnapped getting of a bus stop by some people who call themselves “the chosen of God” and take him to an “alcoholic rehab center” building in plain view, that is unoccupied but nobody knows. Anyways there are other people in the building with him and theres no way to escape, actually theres about 3O other people. Their forced to package things for companies but are treated like slaves. They can yell all they want but nobody heares them. Occasionally they are tortured and other gruesome stuff like that. They have to eat soup made of rotten vegitables and when they get injured, most die from infection because they arent looked at by real doctors. The people who force them to work are kind of like “cult” and are crazy. The young man is there for about four months and must live through a bunch of horrors. Even though he is reported missing by his family, the police never susupect of looking in an alcoholic rehab center which seems to be in business. By the way all this takes place in San Francisco. (Something like this actually did happen, it came out on the news, although not S.F.)

Let me know what you think though,

OH and he and other eventually escape just so you know =}

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Answer by Researcher
Personally no I wouldn’t read it, but then I was in San Francisco during the late 60 and early 70 and did a lot of work with kids on drugs then, I know the problems that exist in rehab centers.

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