Why Is It Up to Addicts to Choose to Go to Detox?

Question by Kimbo: Why is it up to addicts to choose to go to detox?
It dosent add up to me. Drug addicts are ADDICTED to illegal drugs. Why send thses people to jail, where they will get no treatment and will likely have acces to drugs while incarcerated? I think when a person is arrested for drug usage, they should be sent to a state funded rehab clinic until they are clean. Oh and no walking out or being thrown out, this is the punishment as well as the cure. That way, hopwfully, some of these people canhave a second chance. Well thats my view anyway.

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Answer by Adelle
First of all, detox is a form of medical treatment. Forcing medical treatment on someone is a violation of their right to refuse medical treatment. So, your state-funded forced treatment is a lawsuit waiting to happen that will cost the state even more.

Second, there is no CURE as you stated. It is a lifestyle change. The desire, will, and discipline has to come from within. You cannot force someone to change their life or lifestyle. If that were true, then using your theory means that fat people should be forced to diet against their will. It won’t work.

Third, state finances are already stretched. They do not have unlimited amount of money. They get their paycheck from us in the form of taxes. But we don’t want to pay taxes. We scream when they want to raise taxes. But then we expect full coverage of services in the community from tons of police patrol on the street which means paying for more cops, to small classroom sizes which means paying more teachers, to a full array of social services for people who are poor, or have mental disabilities, or have some other special needs.

And now you want the state to pay to force a drug addict to stop being an addict. NOT POSSIBLE. The state did not make them a drug addict and it is NOT the states responsibility to fix it. People are responsible for their own behavior and MUST be held accountable for those choices. Jail is punishment. Detox treatment is not. If they did something wrong, they belong in jail. Detox should NEVER be viewed as a form of punishment. It is hard enough as it is to get through when you are their by choice, without it being treated like a form of punishment for someone who doesn’t want to be there. I don’t want MY tax money spent on a program that is designed to fix a person’s personal bad choices instead of holding them accountable for those choices and fix their own lives themselves. Such a program would not work anyway because you can’t fix stupid. If a person is stupid enough to get themselves in that position, then they need to suffer the consequences of those decisions and get their own selves out of it.

And, it is a myth, or naive thinking, that all addicts want treatment and don’t want to be an addict. Many enjoy that lifestyle, or they wouldn’t have chosen it for themselves.

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23 Responses to Why Is It Up to Addicts to Choose to Go to Detox?

  • cardimom says:

    Some folks are addicted to very legal drugs-example Rush Limbaugh/Vicodin prescribed.
    It is not a crime to be an addict addiction is an illness.
    and it is very illegal to put some one away or in jail just because you don’t like his/her behavior. People get arrested for drug possession, not drug usage. The drug possessors are often selling to the drug user and not all possessors or dealers are users.
    If you court remand a person to any place it is jail if they are not allowed to leave,
    At the beginning of the Bush administration funding to facilities like Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centers was cut 90%, so who do you think would pay for this?
    the cost of a privately funded program is about $ 10,000.
    Other than Rush Limbaugh, I haven’t noticed too many wealthy addicts outside Hollywood-except possibly the Bush Family and the Kennedy Family
    Statistically it has been shown that the only factor that improves the addicts success in the rehab process is being actively engaged in treatment-that’s why 12 step programs work because people go of their on volition and it’s all between them, the group,and their higher power. That also means they participate voluntarily.
    Punishment does not produced desired behavior in anyone. It often exacerbates the addiction. Studies have also shown an usually high correlation between alcoholism(Alcohol is a legal drug by the way) and anxiety disorder and /or depression.
    Not everyone who uses illegal drugs is addicted to them.

  • Pallin Runkkaaja says:

    lol you certanily found a video to advertise your crap on… 😛

  • mrglee232 says:

    The War on Drugs has been a failure because its never been a “war”. Wars
    are fought by the Department of Defense, not the Justice Department. Use
    soldiers, not cops and lawyers. You want the US to win the war on drugs in
    one single weekend send a fleet of B-52s and B-1s to South America and Asia
    and use napalm on the coca and opium fields.

  • allixpeeke says:

    Dead xunevencircles44, although I would definitely oppose
    InfiniteSantaClaus’s silly suggestion that YouTube alter its policy in that
    manner. On that, you and I are in 100% agreement. But, you are technically
    incorrect in your claim that InfiniteSantaClaus’s suggestion is
    unconstitutional. As long as the government isn’t forcing YouTube to change
    its policy, it’s perfectly constitutional, because YouTube is private
    property, and is free to close its doors to whomever it likes.
    Respectfully, Alex

  • subzero666ification says:

    Sex drugs and sausage rolls baby


    what is alcohol?.

  • dee brown says:

    That whole “weed is a gateway drug” statement is so played out now. I doubt
    anybody believes that now. One could say I started out drinking milk as a
    baby and moved on to alcohol as I got older. Milk was a gateway liquid .
    I’ve smoke weed for years and never though ghee, I think I should move on
    to crack. And ppl who talk down on marijuana are mostly ppl who have no
    experience with marijuana. And only go by what the govt., school teachers
    and cops have drilled in their heads since childhood.

  • getin says:

    wrong….. many highly educated people use recreational drugs… they are
    just not stupid enough to tell people about it or it may affect their
    careers… however highly educated people that use them are generally
    seeking a high or experience that is different to everyday ‘normal’
    life…… sometimes its because ther daily lives are so busy and stressful
    that at weekend they just need a blow out….

  • Luigi Grillo says:

    and Planet Earth ! Humanity is “nothing” !

  • ARTI Black says:

    You guys are both assholes, calm down.

  • imTheMrBEAN says:

    Well yes. I agree on you with those wannabe cool teenagers. Sure. But, tbh
    most weed smokers are cool guys, maybe a little slow, but that dosen’t
    matter. I’m 99% sure that most marijuana smokers are compleetly non violent
    guys who just wants everyone to have a good time, having tried marijuana my
    self and felt the effects it gave me.. nothing violent could come out from
    that, you just want everybody to have a cool time.

  • M. Garrett says:

    Did that guy have a furry rabbit on the back of his neck? Holy moly, it
    must be the drugs!

  • Yakenjokin says:

    Oh the dripping irony! You do realise not too many years ago that Heavy
    Metal music was blamed for all sorts of social ills from gun violence to
    suicide. And here you are throwing the same shit at rap! Personally, I
    don’t like rap & thing the “C” was left off the front and am a heavy metal
    fan but I don’t begrudge peoples choices. Your ilk would be the type
    burning witches, boiling heretics in oil and lynching blacks. Narrow minded

  • allixpeeke says:

    … (5) There’s nothing wrong with being gay or a hippie. There’s also
    nothing wrong with not being a man. (6) Drugs save lives. Drugs are helping
    to keep me alive right now. (7) I especially cannot drink alcohol now,
    since the medications shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. If my choice to stay
    alive makes me “not a real man” in your book, oh well. I’d rather live than
    have someone on the Internet call me a “real man.”

  • guruuDev says:

    I saw a show — on Liverpool I think it was–where they gave hard drugs
    like heroin to addicts for free. The drugs were then pure. The condition
    was that they met routinely with doctors and case workers who were caring
    and supportive so the situation was fully coordinated and monitored. The
    heroin use and addiction rates then plummeted. I liked what that guy had to
    say but I don’t think the scenario of legalizing drugs has to be the way he
    described it.

  • Oliver Scott says:

    This man (the one with the beard) has a lot of good insight about the
    nature of addiction, “a society taking distraction to a whole new level”.
    Why so many dislikes?

  • shoshenkis says:

    well it creates jobs on the back of the poor, so it is working. Honest cops
    need their overtime hours and the blacks and minorities need to be put
    down. So we do need it. Go research that.

  • MrBobVanHobert says:

    Also, many other successful people you don’t know have used drugs, you are
    just too retarded to recognize it. Drugs don’t magically turn people into
    criminals that shoot up stores and rob, unless they have severe mental
    illness and/or are doing really hard drugs which are a different story. Go
    ahead and smoke a joint, let’s see how much of a “criminal” it turns you
    into? I for one would believe that it would make you grow a few braincells
    unlike alcohol which is killing your brain and liver.

  • Sonja Futerman says:


  • MrBobVanHobert says:

    Oh, well let’s start out with Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Hunter S.
    Thompson and Hank Williams. Now as for the presidents (the people that were
    successful enough to run our country), George Washington (the first
    president of the U.S.A.), Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama (love him or hate
    him), Franklin Pierce, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, and John F.
    Kennedy. Any other question? Please make it a smart one this time, dumbass.

  • Antony Van Cleave says:

    Yes there is. Learn to use google before you say something stupid.

  • Heyo Weewee says:

    You guys are stupid all of you go away

  • Luigi Grillo says:

    The -War at Drug- as the -War at Terrorism-, as -War at mafia- (as was War
    at Red Terror) , are Power Games; i become God if i create an AntiGod; to
    sell a medicine you need a sick (and if no exist,……)!

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