Why Do People Respect Eddie Geurrero? **READ DETAILS**?

Question by Clark W-Angel Buffy Chosen: Why do people respect Eddie Geurrero? **READ DETAILS**?
Okay, before I get a bunch of angry answers, please READ THE DETAILS below.
I know that Eddie was a very popular wrestler. I know that he was extremely talented and that a lot of people really liked him. What I don’t understand though is why he is so revered.
Yes, he was spectacular in the ring. However, he was without a doubt a raging drug addict. It’s been well documented that he was often so stoned out that he couldn’t even see straight. Now it’s true that guys like Shawn Michaels had similar problems at times, but Shawn cleaned himself up. He realized that he had a problem and he got better. In my books, THAT is admirable and deserving of respect.
But Eddie never did. He just kept sinking lower and lower until his substance abuse killed him. He was a mess from injuries and he was in no shape to be wrestling.
Now, I recognize how hard he worked to get to the top of WWE. I do. But it is still no excuse for being a drug addict, and the fact is, that is what he was.
Again, I’m not trying to slag on Eddie Geurrero, I just want to understand why people respect him so much. Please give good answers here. Feel free to disagree with me, but any outright insulting answers will be reported.

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Answer by Tim W
Because like Shawn Michaels, Eddie did clean himself up. The reason his death is such a tragedy is that pretty much once he had finally sorted his life out and reached the top of his profession his body gave out. He didn’t die of a drug overdose. He died of the cumulative effects all the drugs he had taken in the past had on his body. He had cleaned himself up but the drugs killed him anyway.

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5 Responses to Why Do People Respect Eddie Geurrero? **READ DETAILS**?

  • Ben 316 says:

    Well, they kind of twisted the story to make it sound like he was an addict, but then he beat it. So they try to mess with your mind, but i still respect him.

  • Julius C says:

    I’ve respected Eddie Guerrero from the time I first saw him wrestling in the AAA Promotion in Mexico, when WCW and AAA did a pay Per View called When Worlds Collide and Eddie Guerrero, Art Barr and Louie Spicoli were a Heel Faction that wore Red White and Blue and infuriated Mexican Crowds. The man is a great wrestling technician, hard worker and had great matches every where he wrestled: Mexico, Japan, ECW, WCW and WWF. If I were to dislike every wrestler who had drug and alcohol issues, I would stop watching Sports and Professional Wrestling.

  • The Bad Guy Razor Ramon says:

    I respect Eddie Guerrero as a wrestler. I judge wrestlers based on what they do in the ring not out of it. A wrestler’s personal life is not any of my business.

  • The Deadman 17-0 says:

    He had a few good matches. But. he’s not that special.

  • Raw is Jericho-Undertaker is SD says:

    in my way
    look he is from texas like me
    he has latin blod like me
    he had charisma
    he put a hell of a show
    i know he was never the best superstar but all the titles he had were deserved

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