When Given a Piss Test in the Military, if You Are Perscribed a Pain Killer Can You Pop Hot for Opiates If?

Question by PoptartLord69: When given a piss test in the military, if you are perscribed a pain killer can you pop hot for opiates if?
Say you are perscribed a pain killer and you have a piss test the next day, and you’ve been taking more than the required amount because its not working unless you take more… Will you pop hot and fail it since its a opiate? After that happens will the lab check for the amount of levels in you system to see how much you have been doing? Even though your not abusing it, it would just seem that way to the lab.. Would you get in trouble for “abusing” if they were to check the levels and even might think its a diffrent pill then perscribed, just because you amount is so high.. Thats even if they check the levels? Which might make you fail it even if it is okay to fail it since you were perscribed what they gave you? Also, how long do you have to use the pills after you are given them and not pop hot? I heard you have six months from the filling date? The paper that comes with the pain killer says this on it. “Perscriptions for controller substances will have an authorized use of six months from date of dispensing. Positive urinalysis after that date may result in a “NO LEGITMATE USE” finding. Do they check the levels though or just wave it?

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Answer by Sisyphus
Of course it show…that’s what testing does.
You SHOW them the ‘scrip.

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