What Shall I Write at the School News Paper?

Question by vanessa: what shall i write at the school news paper?
at school…
we got a newspaper wich this idea is still new…
i though…thought…thougt…
what shall i write in the news paper???
can u plz help???

the assay i have to write must be for children(11 yrs to 18 yrs)

thnx for helping…

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Answer by helvetica
learn how to write first plz… thanks

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6 Responses to What Shall I Write at the School News Paper?

  • Rads says:

    you can write sumthing interesting
    may be sumthing abt what will happen in the year 3000
    (if dis world exists till den !!)

  • Aimee L says:

    well wat they find interesting…eg gossip…or things we don’t no aka facts

  • rcc says:

    ummm well young adult loves twilight or maybe obama or talk about the goverment…I THINK TWILIGHT IS BETTER FOR BEING ENTERTAINED FOR 11 TO 18

  • simi x says:

    write somehting that can aware these kids?

    like environment issues like recycling

    protected sex (if your school is open minded, ask first)

    drugs and how to say no…

    smoking and the permenit damages it causes

    drinking and driving

    and maybe have a section in the newspaper that has some history and current news of another country. i went to an american school in europe and i met a lot of american people and they do not know their geography…

    you can research and maybe have an interview with someone

    a teen mom
    ex drug addict or alcoholic
    lung cancer patient
    an environmetalist

    its super easy to find these people, just got to a facilitation like gfor addicts or hospitals… a mother that lost a child because drink and driving

    i think if you have teh power to let yourself heard, make a difference… xx

  • Steve S says:

    Get on the web and run felony checks on any faculty you may dislike. Publish these records, which is quite legal as they are public documents, as an opening to your editorial on the rampant hypocrisy that allowed power in the hands of the corrupt. When the headmaster dude shuts down the paper you be ready with the ‘underground’ version, which you will sell and make much profit thereby. Have your friends tell you which is your ‘good’ side so you can more easily appear on the TV as a study in resolute youth or some such crap. Shave the teenage womb-broom action, ditch the groty t-shirts, and get with the ACLU types, who never met an orderly society they wouldn’t sue. Tell Katie Crack on the Today show that you WERE going to say something decent about black people in the next edition, seeing’s how they got their own guy and all, but the principal strangled that opportunity, which is why you’ve invited Al Sharpton to speak at the next school assembly. When your parents freak at the press corp and all the patch cords and coffee cups lying on the lawn you know what’s coming so instinctively that you cut their question off with the answer: “Civic pride and journalistic integrity are my drugs, ma!” What do you say to a boy like that? Have the national anthem downloaded to your phone for that on-the-spot- mood enhancer.

    Why, you ask? Be – The Man With The Plan. You now have an unending tableau of subjects for the paper:

    – why ‘hypocrisy’ is a word for kids that goes mostly unused by anyone over the age of twenty-five;

    – how jet lag, grievously suffered during your media tour, became a legitimate reason to cut class;

    – the dynamic wonder that is America and your fifteen minutes in it;

    – an interview with your former principal at his new job – night manager at Tire World;

    – your recovery from coke addiction – courtesy of your parents – “ANYTHING to get him off that newspaper kick!”;

    – what a drag the papparrazzi are, asking for comment on your Hillary Duff sex scandal. Passe or not, she WAS a nice girl;

    – Have yourself a kegger with the aforementioned profits. At Keith Richards’ house.

    There is no limit on subjects to write about, there really isn’t. It’s your world – dig it.

  • sometimeswrong says:

    Do some mystery interviews on popular current events and ask questions, publish the answers and opinions and stir up some common interest. do some pro and con chats on things like baggy pants and trying to be cool. Maybe why is non-conformity so popular. Hope this helps.

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