What Is the Easiest Way to Quit Drugs?

Question by C: What is the easiest way to quit drugs?
I think its gonna be hard but I want to quit ecstasy (the thing i need to quit the most) and everything else.

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Answer by Tucker Blaine

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Why You Should Consider Entering Drug Rehabs in New York – If you are addicted to drugs and determined to recover from it, you must enter a rehab program in a reputable drug treatment facility. In the United States, …


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7 Responses to What Is the Easiest Way to Quit Drugs?

  • Brannon Young says:

    Get a hobby. Computer, drawing, photography, working out.. etc. Stay away from the drugs just do it. It’s like being addicted to peeling the skin off your lip except it’s not on you in your reach. So find a hobby and when you’re near the drugs just don’t do any. Easy as that. Goodluck!

  • BT says:

    Detox and Rehab – the only way to quit drugs.

    You’re an addict. You need help. Yahoo answers can’t give it to you.

    Be well!

  • kelsey b says:

    I know what your saying that stuff is hard to quit. I used to be one. But it’s my past now. In order to get over it with out help from an adult or hospital of some type. U need to keep away from ANY friends that do ANY drugs. Be around positive crowds. Focus on things that are very important like school, work, ect. Stay away from any stress no matter what. An most important keep your mind BUSY. Good Luck

  • Chris says:

    Just stop being a dumbass it’s as simple as that go talk to your local police department they will most likely let you get a your of prison/jail

  • Monalisa says:

    go to rehabilationcentre or maintain yourselves far from drugs or you can take lesser to lesser every day.

  • rdadamsii says:

    Check yourself into a rehab program,

    Join AA or NA, get a sponsor, and attend five meetings a week until you’ve been clean for a year.

    A sure fire way to stop is to cut off your supply ny ratting out your dealers to the DEA!

  • kareng5098 says:

    Outpatient Drug Detox
    855-YES-REHAB outpatient Drug rehab
    736 n tenth street unit? 5
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

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