What Is the Easiest Way to Quit Drugs?

Question by C: What is the easiest way to quit drugs?
I think its gonna be hard but I want to quit ecstasy (the thing i need to quit the most) and everything else.

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Answer by Tucker Blaine

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Why You Should Consider Entering Drug Rehabs in New York – If you are addicted to drugs and determined to recover from it, you must enter a rehab program in a reputable drug treatment facility. In the United States, …


Bush Is Back! (At Least Sorta, Kinda, Reluctantly)

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"He's very content, and his new granddaughter is the exclamation point," echoed Brad Freeman, one of his closest friends, referring to Margaret Laura "Mila" Hager, born in New York City April 13. "He's enjoying the hell out of life, " a close friend …
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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: The One That Was Really Depressing

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Jenelle finds that hilarious, 'cause a kilo of weed costs like, a lot of money. She couldn't afford that in her highest dreams! Besides, since she's too broke to purchase any drugs, she's sober by default. It's an alternative kind of rehab, proven to …
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Marijuana and Taxes

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On 4/17/13, The Huffington Post reported that New York hopes to be next in line for medicinal marijuana with a senate majority expected to vote for legalization while Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo remains opposed. The proposal clearly calls for taxation of …
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Reese Witherspoon arrest, Part 2: The apologies

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"No one would be surprised if Jim goes to rehab," another source told People. … While the two appeared together Sunday at the premiere of her film "Mud" in New York City, she declined to speak with reporters on the red carpet, according to Us Weekly …
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