What Is That One South Park Episode Where Cartman Smears Poop on the Wall ?

Question by Victor: What is that one south park episode where cartman smears poop on the wall ?
He gives the kid a color pallete to see what color poo he wanted on the wall

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Answer by CandieBarr
“My Future Self n’ Me”, season 6, episode 16. he gives the pallets to Stan and Butters but only Butters goes through with it.

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  • Alberto Ruiz gonzales says:

    Actually the chapter you want, exactly is called: “My Future Self n ‘Me” is Chapter 16 of south park season 6, in Chapter stan “touches marijuana cigarette” in a forest and later in the night comes “your future self” as a lazy drug addict, alcoholic, failed and from that day and decided not to have anything to do with drugs and alcohol, unfortunately “his future self” is left to live in their home and his life becomes a living hell, with stan butters after discovering that everything was a hoax created by parents with the help of “motivation corp” (an organization dedicated to solving republican addiction problems of children, adults using like their children to help them with their problems) and pissed, are seeking revenge, they discover a “Parental Revenge Center” hotline with guaranteed results, so they decide to give it a try ,The address leads them to an office in a grungy alley, where they discover that the founder and proprietor of the business is Cartman. Cartman agrees to help the two, but Stan is skeptical. Sadly, Cartman’s revenge plan for both boys involves going to both of their houses to smear all of the walls with feces. Butters is delighted by this offer and gladly accepts it, while Stan believes that it isn’t adequate payback. Cartman then tries to convince Stan by taking it up a notch and offering to kill his parents and slice them into pieces. Stan refuses this offer as well, and decides to worm the truth out of his parents himself in order to force them to acknowledge they lied to him, Meanwhile, the Parental Revenge Agency does its job at Butters’ house as Cartman and a group of Hispanic day workers smear feces all over the living room and bedroom of the Stotch Household. Upon returning home, Chris and Linda actually acknowledge that they deserve it for lying and finally tell the truth about the “future self thing” and apologize to Butters, which surprises Stan, seeing that Cartman’s plan for Butters to get revenge on his parents has really worked, here I leave the links to the pages you see, along with the link of the chapter for you to enjoy, I hope I have resolved your question.???(^_^)???


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