What Do You Do With a 15 Yr Old That Thinks He Knows It All Who Thinks Getting in Trouble Is Cool?

Question by sueh2831: What do you do with a 15 yr old that thinks he knows it all who thinks getting in trouble is cool?
He got in trouble living with his father in Arkansas, proceeded to be a theif, thinks he should be able to do what he wants and not what he is told. He has gone through drug rehab for smoking pot with my ex-husband. Now he is on 1 yr probation, with 50 hrs community service and has to see a psycologist with me present also. The 2nd week of school he skipped 3 days in 1 week. What do you do with a child like this?????? I am clueless…….

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Answer by Alissa
boot camp

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  • Leanne B says:

    You help him love him AND NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM thats what a mother does got it?

  • LovelyLaur says:

    As my mother always did with me and my brothers, show him where you can end up. As scary as it is, most prisons or correctional facilities allow you to show young kids that being bad doesn’t always work out for the best and let’s inmates talk to kids about finding the right path.

  • lbrady says:

    take him to a jail, let him see where he is going.
    then do as Alissa said, thats what i was gonna say too.

  • Last_Samurai says:

    If this was my child he/she would be in boot camp or Juve so fast it owuld make their head spin. My daughter tried this garbage when she turned 15, with the I can do whatever she wants attitude. I gave her an otnro lesson the the wonderful world of Hapkido(no I didn’t hit her) and took a week off work to spend day and night doing manual labor. Guess who says excuse me and leaves me a sticky note, a voice mail and calls grandma when she sets a toe outside the house now? You guessed it! Little miss former free spirit.

  • Thrice says:

    When he gets himself arrested again, leave him there.

  • CC says:

    You need to be firm and never EVER deviate from your rules…EVER. NEVER give in. When he comes home from school, you sit him down at the dinner table to do his homework in front of you. Then he’s to clean his room if necessary, then he’s to eat dinner, shower and go to bed. No more hanging out with friends who are a bad influence. Love him, hug him…guide him. Yelling won’t get you anywhere with this type of child. If he skips school, make sure the school or you call the cops to have him picked up immediately and brought home. If he continues to skip school, he is to be punished…no friends, no TV, no phone, nothing. Just studying and reading to catch up what he’s missed. Keep in constant contact with the teachers to know how he’s behaving when he’s there…work with them.

    If all else fails…it’s military school for that boy.

  • Vbonics says:

    If talking to him about the consequences of his actions hasn’t worked, I suggest something more visual. Take him on a tour of a prison and show him what his future is if he doesn’t shape up. I’m sure some arrangements can be made with a local jail or something like that, look in the yellow pages and give them a call. It can’t hurt. In addition to that, enforce strict curfews and rules at home. Discipline and behavior has to start at home. Good luck, sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

  • Ella says:

    He is 15 and you probley wont be able to stop him. Honestly, I think i act the same way but coming out a parent it sounds so much worse. Actually, your son sounds exactly like me. I went to bootcamp already and it just made me more rebellious. Work with him and try to be a family with him. email me and i can explain more. [email protected]

  • shellshell says:

    You take away everything that means anything to him. Car, t.v., games, phone, etc. He is not allowed out of the house until he has proven to you that he is ready to be a good kid and quit worrying you to death. Boot camp — tough love. Don’t bail his butt out of jail again. Let him still there awhile maybe he’ll figure out that it’s not so kool.

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