What Are Some Careers in Drug Rehabilitation?

Question by : What are some careers in drug rehabilitation?
I’m interested in a career in a drug rehab center, what are some positions?
I know that most people in the field have had substance abuse problems, and while I personally haven’t my dad, his parents, and great-grandfather are all severe alcoholics.

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Over 90% of rehab centers in the US are 12step based, AA/NA. Most of the rest are Narconon, a Scientology based program, or heavily religious. Courts, government agencies, and employee assistance programs mandate 12step rehabs.

Almost everyone who works at a 12step rehab have had their own problems with alcohol and/or drugs and are AA/NA members. I’m sure you don’t want to go out and become an alcoholic or addict to qualify. The pay isn’t very good, and there is a huge turnover due to relapses, but many of the people who work in rehabs have a spotty employment record and some sort of arrest record so it’s the best they can get.

What you can do is take some courses in Human Services and first of all, see if that’s what you really want to do.

In the past twenty years or so, the courts governing 16 states have ruled that AA is “religious in nature” and mandated 12step treatment to be a violation of the Establishment Clause. Hopefully, more to soon follow. What this means for you, is that there are more treatment opportunities that are not 12step based over the coming years.

I’m a mental health care worker, I work for an ACT program (Assertive Community Treatment), primarily with those who have coexisting substance abuse problems. We use Motivational Interviewing with our clients. About half of all people with mental health disorders have substance abuse problems and about half the people with substance abuse issues have a mental illness. Integrated Treatment, treating both problems, is a growing field. It has been found to be counterproductive to use two different treatment methods, especially when they are often at odds with each other.

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[EDIT] It isn’t enough to be knowledgeable to work in a 12step rehab, they want people who have personal experience in AA or NA. They want people who will be “spreading the word”.

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  • Joelus says:

    If you study Psychology you can either take on a career as an Alcohol and Drug Research Psychologist or you can study to become a professional addiction Counselor.

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