The Multiple Sclerosis Liberation Therapy Fiasco

The multiple sclerosis liberation therapy fiasco

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The US Food and Drug Agency simply issued a statement in May 2012 advising that the evidence in favour of liberation therapy did not exist, and the risks of the treatment included serious injuries and death. Some Americans (and no doubt some Canadians) …
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How to survive allergy season without seeing your doctor – NBC Latino

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If you want to avoid drug preparations, “natural remedies” that have been studied for hay fever include: extracts from the root of the shrub butterbar which helps to calm your immune system reaction to various pollen. This treatment is similar in …
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Cancer Centers Racing to Map Patients' Genes

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It is usually not reimbursed by insurance, which is more likely to cover tests for genetic mutations that are known to be responsive to drugs. The treatments themselves, which are sometimes covered, typically cost several times that. Even optimists …
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