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Prescription for Alcohol Withdrawl?

Question by JMITW: prescription for alcohol withdrawl?
i read about a medication normally used for alcohol with drawl that is being used off label for my condition —

the tytpical dosage is 50mg for alcohol–but would only be 4.5 for me—-

can anyone think of names of meds taht are used fro addiction—itis an opiod
found it-
its actually naltrexone–for dependence
and teh condition is fibromylagia–and its off label–so depending on a list of meds doesn’t alwyas give you a diagnosis—Viagra is also being used off label–and I’n not male—so you wouldn’t knwo why i was taking it….

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Answer by gigglesrfree
Librium, Valium, Serax, Ativan is given for alcohol withdrawal. Dosage depends on the doc and based on your alcohol hx re: years & amt of drinking and your physical condition. Librium is very effective and the most often prescribed. The vitamin Thiamine is also given as most drinkers are deficient and this deficiency can result in acute brain damage. Dosage is usually 4x daily, the doc determines the mgs & dosages, then gradual reduction. The meds helps relieve the tremors/spasms and some of the other physical responses as your body begins the detox process.
Hope this helps. I don’t know what “condition” you are being treated for, but having worked in psych, substance abuse, and med/surg you can usually tell what a person is being treated for just by checking out his medication sheet.

Having written all that, I wonder if you’re referring to Clonazapam?

Quite right about the Naltrexon, your wording was a bit misleading, you said for the withdrawal and not for the addiction. I’ll also add I’ve only seen Naltrexon ordered for dual addictions of opiates and alcohol. Rarely is it ordered just for alcohol withdrawal. Viagra was originally developed for blood pressure, but I see your point, if I saw it ordered w/out anyother indicators, I might believe it was for its secondary use. I stand corrected. I’m glad you found your answer.

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