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How Will I Find Affordable Drug Rehab Programs in Pottsville, Pennsylvania?

Question by cali f: How will I find affordable drug rehab programs in Pottsville, Pennsylvania?
I know drug rehab programs are expensive, which is why I’m asking if you guys know of an alternative such as a low-cost drug rehab. We don’t have much money, but we need to put my brother in a drug rehab center. Any suggestions?

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Answer by alina d
You could probably get a part-time job to help with the expenses. Every little dollar you earn will be a big help. You can also apply for a grant from the government. Below are links that will help you in finding drug rehabs in the area you have specified. Just ask them about their rates and if they will be willing to give you a discount. You can also ask around at a local hospital or contact your local health services administration. Good luck!

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