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Drug Education Program Set for Forestview

Drug education program set for Forestview

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Teen Challenge serves people with a broad spectrum of addiction issues offering effective and affordable shorter-term outpatient and residential licensed treatment programs, along with a distinctive long-term faith-based recovery program. There are …
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Abbe Center's closing leaves gap in mental health services

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The doctor changed his plan and drugs, and within two weeks, there was a big difference. Abbe has been wonderful. They've given him back his life.” But now, as the Abbe … And they fear that without adequate, long-term residential care and treatment …
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2 People Shot At Richardson Rehab Center

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The drug and alcohol treatment center was located at a home in a residential neighborhood. The suspected shooter had been a resident at the center, but was being evicted for violating their procedures. As workers were escorting the 41-year-old man out …
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