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How Can I Get My Dad to Stop Drinking?

Question by Est: How can I get my dad to stop drinking?
He drinks a lot of wine and beer. Me and my mother asked him to stop this summer and he got to the bottle within two weeks. He gets drunk almost every day now. He doesn’t get violent, just hurtful and sometimes acts like he’s not there. He’s a different person when he drinks. He’ll usually drink a bit with dinner and then drink more in the kitchen without telling us and gets waisted. If anyone mentions it to him, he pauses a few seconds and tries to avoid the question as to if he drank extra or not. Always is the answer yes but then he gets passive aggressive and irritated.
Sorry that I posted it in the Religion and Spirituality just no one seems to be on the other subforums. And please don’t say “Find Jesus/Mohammad/Kristna” because he’s an atheist.

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Answer by Maria Consuela
He could have a mental illness, and is using the alcohol to mask it. Best bet is to see a doctor for advice, and also a not-for-profit anti abuse charity. They can give you advice about what to do first.

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