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My Daughter Gone to Unknown Rehab – Most Likely One in NY, NY?

Question by James C: my daughter gone to unknown rehab – most likely one in NY, NY?
i need to find my daughter urgently. my daughter left home without saying but later i recieved an email telling me she’d gone into rehab and that she felt it was the best choice – but i have no idea if this is true or if she has just gone to visit her addict friends again. i would be grateful if someone could tell me the most likely rehab centre she would have gone to in New York city – she’s seventeen and heavily addicted. could someone please tell me a list of likely ones, i have no idea and as her stepfather i have just moved to New York and am at a severe loss. the last time she said this , she wasnt getting help, she overdosed at a friends.

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Answer by Jenn (Mark M)
Well first of all let me ask, where is her mother?? It seems odd that you’re so hellbent on finding her, yet, you haven’t mentioned her mother once in this question…..
I absolutely do not believe that you are an adult male looking for his daughter based on the immaturity of your typing. I have a 13 year old, as well as a 15 year old, and your poor grammar/typing skills is even worse than theirs.
If you’re a child looking for a rehab facility, then there are many resources online to help you find the one that you need…..You don’t need to get on here and ask….Make the effort and find one on your own…there are hundreds of Centers in N.Y.
BUT, if you ARE a step-father looking for his daughter, and she is not yet 18, then you have the sole ability to find her. I guarantee that she found a clinic online…..She probably typed in something like underage kids drug rehab, or Drug Rehab no parental consent in New York, etc……You get what I’m saying? Think like a 17 year old…What would you type in the search bar?? You’re obviously not computer illiterate, seeing that you’re on here……You search the way that she would have searched, and then you go to those facilities…..You ask your questions until you get the answers that you want….You make sure that they understand that she she is your step-daughter and that she is underaged….You make sure that they know that she is a runaway, (which she is because she is not yet 18) and if they are hiding her, or keeping her confidentially, that they are breaking the law by harboring her….
I GUARANTEE that if it were my daughter, I’d find her in a heartbeat if she were in a clinic here where we live…
Get off of the computer…quit being lazy, get out there and find her if you really want to..because you can…..most rehab places are un-licensed and don’t want the negative publicity….if you bust in there spouting a lawsuit, they’ll give her up in a heartbeat…

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