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Honoring Local Heroes: Kris Willis Receives McGrady Award

Honoring local heroes: Kris Willis receives McGrady Award

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10th Judicial Drug Task Force Director Steve Lawson nominated two of his agents and a Bradley County detective to receive the awards. Mike Patterson and Sgt. … Kimsey was first to arrive on a residential structure fire on April 14, 2012. The fire had …
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Fighting drug use is community responsibility

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Prairie View has a residential drug treatment program as well as Valley Hope in Moundridge. These are places that have the resources to help our community members who suffer from these severe addictions. The catch is that they cost a significant amount …
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Treatment Facility Lets Women Parent While Kicking Their Habit

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That women can bring their children with them while they seek treatment for drug or alcohol addictions sets Letty Owings Center from other residential treatment facilities – and that's by design. … adopting a child whose birth mother had been through …
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