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What Exactly Is Ibogaine, and How Successful Is It for the Treatment of Opiate Addiction?

Question by Connie D: What exactly is Ibogaine, and how successful is it for the treatment of opiate addiction?
I was told of a new medication to help overcome an opiate addiction, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out much about it. I believe that it is only available at a treatment facility located in New Mexico…so, it really makes me wonder if it’s even a legitimate treatment approved by the FDA. I also wonder if there have been many studies done on it, and what the statistics are concerning its rate of success.

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Answer by D.D.
It is illegal in the usa, classified as a type 1 substance , since the 1967 when it was used as a psychedelic.
It is used successfully to break drug ,heroin, opiate ,etc addictions but not used in the usa.
It is used in canada,and Mexico, but not new mexico.
If you do a simple search on yahoo search bar , Ibogaine , a lot comes up

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