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How Come Every Time Something Big Happens It’s Always a Conspiracy?

Question by Zeke: How come every time something big happens it’s always a conspiracy?
9-11, 2000 and 2004 election, The death of Michael Jackson!
Kyle MJ’s death didnt change 20 people and it was big. Oh yeah Tupac’s death people think he’s alive!

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Answer by Kyle S
Never heard of the last one, but the first two I believe. It’s kinda funny how you associated Michael Jackson with being “something big”. The first two were things that changed millions of lives in a split second, the last one happened to one guy and probably only changed about twenty lives, realistically speaking.

But if you were to actually take a look into 9/11 and put yourself in charge of the US for a second, you’d see that they had a lot to benifit from an attack on American soil, possibly too much to benifit from it.

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