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Title for My Speech on Obama’s Gun Control Policy and Mexican Drug Cartel Violence?

Question by Dr. Psychology: Title for my speech on Obama’s gun control policy and Mexican drug cartel violence?
I’m giving an informational speech for my innovations class on a controversial topic that could be further explained. I chose to write about the misconceptions regarding Obama’s gun control policy, the claim that many make that the Obama Administration is “taking away our second amendment”, and how this is influenced by the Mexican drug wars. My thesis statement is: “Due to misinformation, people often view Barack Obama’s policy on firearms as revoking our second amendment, when Obama is actually trying to ban semi-automatic guns to prevent drug war violence in Mexico.” I have the speech all outlined, but I’m still in need of a title.

Here’s the whole outline if you need more information.

I. Drug rehab center shooting
A. Mexican drug rehab center in Ciudad Juarez raided Sep. 3 (Associated Press writers Ruiz, de la Cruz, and Olson)
B. 18 people lined up against a wall and shot
C. attacks fueled by American guns (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence)
D. Obama policy confusion, trying to restrict gun trafficking (Third Illinois 2004 Senate Debate: Barack Obama vs. Alan Keyes, Oct. 21, 2004)

II. Describe illegal transport of semi-automatic guns into Mexico
A. High-power guns illegal in Mexico, but legal in US after Assault Weapons Ban expired
B. Mexican drug cartels cross border into Texas, Arizona, etc. and can purchase bulk shipments of semi-automatic firearms with absolutely no background check.
C. US dealers aren’t prosecuted for these sales under protection of a bill passed in 2005. (Vote number 2005-219 prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers on Jul 29, 2005 regarding bill S 397 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act Results: Bill Passed, 65-31)

III. Clarify Obama gun policy and treaty with Mexico
A. We need “a comprehensive approach” while “also making sure we are dealing with the flow of drug money and guns south…. The drugs are coming north, we’re sending funds and guns south.” – President Barack Obama, on violence in Mexico, March 2009 (Maria Recio, Obama weighs deploying National Guard on border, Fort Worth Star -Telegram, Mar. 12, 2009)
B. Obama supports banning the sale and transfer of all semi-automatic firearms, including semi- to fully-automatic conversion kits (1998 IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998)
C. 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban passed by Congress after masses of gun shootings occurred. Ban specifically named 19 types of semi-automatic guns as well as any copy of these. This ban expired in 2004 and Obama is fighting for its renewal. (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Assault Weapons Frequently Asked Questions)

IV. Bring up new interesting point and restate thesis
A. Obama not trying to revoke second amendment, but restricting semi-automatics to reduce drug cartel violence
B. Policy could be a “wedge issue”, something used to split apart a political group. People often hear only part of the story, such as “Obama is taking away all of our guns” without hearing all the information. This can be used to immediately set voters against Obama because of a mis-stated phrase.

Best answer:

Answer by space_cadet!
I don’t agree with your thesis. But I won’t go into it because this isn’t the place. I’ll try a title anyway.

“President Obama’s War on Illegal Guns and Drugs”
“”Obama Lends a Hand and Sends a Message”

Good luck anyway! I’m glad you’re taking a serious look at current events and putting some thought into them.

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