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I Have Been Hooked on Narcotic Meds for 4 Years and I’m Trying to Kick the Habit. How Do I It Without a DR?

Question by daniel: I have been hooked on narcotic meds for 4 years and I’m trying to kick the habit. how do I it without a DR?
I get them off the streets and I’m scared for my life. Please help

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Answer by nursienurse
I don’t think it would be safe to go through withdrawal without some medical assistance. Here is some information I hope helps you.

How do I find a program?
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers an extensive listing of licensed, certified drug treatment facilities by location through its Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator. SAMHSA also operates a helpline: (800) 662-HELP (4357) with help in English and Spanish, or TDD at (800) 487-4889.

Another place to look is your local state substance abuse agency. States often have their own listings, toll-free hotlines, and information about accreditation.

If you are working with a doctor or therapist, you can also ask them about programs in your area; they might be a good starting resource.

What should I look for in a drug treatment program?
When you start looking for drug treatment, you may see advertisements for programs in tranquil settings with gorgeous views. While amenities like that are nice to have, they also will probably come with a big price tag. Focus on what is truly important; appropriate licensing, quality of care during the program and follow up, and staff credentials. Things to check include:

Program accreditation and licensing. Several national accreditation agencies evaluate detox and aftercare facilities, checking whether they offer effective elements of treatment and a well-documented patient complaint process.
Studies measuring the effectiveness of the program’s treatment methods. Treatment effectiveness is a new field of study, but treatment centers should at least have some statistics on their success rates, preferably from an objective external agency.
Type of aftercare program to prevent relapse. Intensive treatment requires follow-up. Programs should offer a well-run aftercare program, with referrals to appropriate self-help groups. It’s important that a staff member collaborate with you to create a discharge plan before you leave the program.
How much does drug treatment cost? How will I afford it?
Drug treatment costs can vary widely because each individual has different treatment needs and insurance coverage. Is there a hospital or medical facility stay, and for how long? Will there be 30, 60, 90 day residential treatment? Outpatient treatment can vary from almost a full day daily to a few hours weekly. Long term drug therapy, like methadone maintenance, can affect costs too. For an idea of costs involved, visit SAMSHA’s Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) Cost Study.




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