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People That Have Been in Rehab or Counselors: Can You Tell Me Why?

Question by jackie retardo: People that have been in rehab or counselors: Can you tell me why?
they don’t allow caffeine in rehab but they do let people smoke like chimneys…..both are addictive and both cause harm and you can also o.d. on both soooo….?

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Answer by Todd-Williams/Harrison
Couldn’t answer that but perhaps it is a stimulant…however, cigarettes may be a comfort for some time and do not cause car crashes. Eventually, all crutches will have to be let go. I am not against methadone treatment for heroin addicts or some sort of chemical substitute for the withdrawal period followed by drugs to deal with mental illness or symptoms. I am against giving people purified versions of the drugs. They will never get off–combine that with free welfare and no need to get a job or get treatment and counseling and it isn’t surprising. I am against this because it is bad for spouses, the addict, children, society and relatives.

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