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Positive Uses/benefits of Salvia Divinorum?

Question by : Positive uses/benefits of Salvia divinorum?
I’ve found plenty of interesting stories out there about Salvia divinorum, plus many videos of people doing it. Overall though, most of them revolve around simply “getting high” for poops & chuckles sake. What I’m wondering is, has anyone heard of or experienced any true positive benefits by using this herb? Has it treated any conditions of yours, or given you any new positive insights on life?

Mainly curious, but also it’ll just be a matter of time before the Salvia ban wagon comes by my state, and to yours too (if it hasn’t already), or to Congress, and would wonder what could be said in defense of keeping it legal as far as risk/benefit goes.

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Answer by Shmuel-Tzvi
This is odd…i’ve never heard someone ask for health benefits of a halluciogen…

It’s usually know for these effects, and its typically only used for those effects. People have a common misconception that Salvia is like Marijuana or Cocaine, therefor should be illegal. The truth is Salvia is entirely different from other drugs, in a kinda weird way. Salvia can be used and has successfully been used in treating people with addictions (funny right) of alcohol and other more serious or less serious drugs. People commonly go to hallucinogens, such as Salvia, Peyote, San Pedro, or Ayahuaska to fight addiction- and it usually works (although not suggested unless its a real option). New research in medicine are looking at medical potential. I found this online:

“Ongoing laboratory trials are showing that this miraculous herb could be a remedy for several diseases and mental disorders. Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, stress, indigestion, and chronic pain are some of the health issues that could one day be treated with the use of this herb, or its chemical constituents. Historically, Salvia Divinorum was widely used by the Mazatec Indians for centuries, who sought relief from rheumatism, anemia and headache.”

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