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Melanotan 2 Injections – “a Tan to Die for” – News Report Channel 7 – Melanotan II Side Effects


Melanotan 2 injections – “A tan to die for” – News Report Channel 7 – Melanotan II side effects – Doctors warn that melanotan can kill. Melanotan is an illegal, untested injectable tanning drug that is being purchased online on black market websites. Because its an untested, doctors warn melanotan use could cause melanoma. The side effects are unpredictable and unknown, however short term, melanotan can cause erections, very dark freckles, fatigue and throwing up (nausea). Melanotan requires users to inject themselves daily and “experts say that those who regularly inject run the same risks of catching Aids or hepatitis C as heroin and crack addicts.” The unregulated production of Melanotan is done mostly in China so a potentially leathal batch will not be tested thoughly or be re-called. Users have no idea what they are injecting into their bodies. The website featured on this news piece is that is giving users access to suppliers of this drug is This aired in Australia on channel 7 June 5th, 2010. Melanotan is also called: melanotan II melanotan I melanotan 1 melanotan 2 mt-1 mt-2 mt1 mt2


Generation Next – From Cocaine to Codeine [analysis]

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He is just 20 but he has perfected the act of drug addiction in a new way. Gbade (not real name) sat in a small room apartment to tell his own story. He is the fifth respondent who spoke to THISDAY. Like the others, he has a tale of loss, fear and pain.


Addiction treatment takes time, dedication

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Whether they stole items or money to pay for drugs or they ingested or sold the drugs themselves, every time Sam Gegor's two sons have been sent to jail it has been because of their addiction to prescription pills. Sam's eldest son, Nicholas, 25, is …
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Residents Pack Hearing on Drug Treatment Centers

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"Somebody could be living down the street and addicted to prescription drugs," he said. "We would have a bed for them." Spadoni and Goudsouzian argued that Harte, an engineer, wasn't qualified to testify outside his area of expertise. Atiyeh is seeking …


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