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How Many People Know What ADAP Is and How This Programs Works?

Question by Traveler: How many people know what ADAP is and how this programs works?
When Bill Clinton wanted the gay vote, he promised to fund the Ryan White AIDS Foundation 100% using tax money. He kept this promise, but with rules added, calling this federally funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Originally Ryan White Foundation financially helped anyone diagnosed with AIDS, regardless of where they live in America.
Bill Clinton’s ADAP program limited medical care and drugs, under article II, to women, children, men under 24, who have dependant children or are married. Also, house hold income must be not more than 200% of the national poverty level. Article 27 requires a treating facility to be an special AIDS clinic or unit, and to be eligible for reimbursement a territory must have 20,000 HIV infected residents. This means anyone diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in a territory that does not meet the 20,000 standard, must move to a territory that is eligible for ADAP reimbursement (this monoplolizes treatment funding for clinic in NY, NJ, PA, Ca and Fla.)
Since Hillary claims to be a healthcare expert, I assume she was incharge of this when her husband was in office. My concern is that she is that she made those who need this assistance the most ineligible- and may do this for other diseases. Also that her plan will give states their own diseases, like each has it’s own state bird.
People unaffected by AIDS do not seem to know that annually $ 790 billion tax dollars is spent on AIDS, yet many of our own people infected cannot access healthcare, and those that do, often must wait 6 month’s to a year to be seen, and in rural communities, dental care is non-existent. Why cann’t someone remain in their home state, with their friends and family, and get early treated?

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Answer by Carolina Sunshine
I believe that Hillary was the one who pushed Bill for the Gay Rights Act. I would think she would be more willing to helping that he did. She would continue to help the gay and help them with their medical needs more than any other candidate. She is definitely pro active and for helping the gay rights.

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