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My Daughter Pled Guilty to Felony Class 4, Misdemeanor Class 1. She Lived in Colorado at the Time.?

Question by MadlynB: My daughter pled guilty to felony class 4, misdemeanor class 1. She lived in Colorado at the time.?
Basically what happened is she had been struggling with alcohol/drug abuse. She ‘went off the wagon’ in 2005 and lived in a townhouse area that had a pool area. She had gotten very intoxicated, passed out and found out that during this, a 15 yr old boy, took advantage of her sexually. He bragged about screwing an older woman, which, at the time my daughter was 30 yrs. of age with a two year old. He bragged about this to his therapist. This young man had a delinquent record himself. His therapist reported this to the Colorado police and my daughter was arrested. Before her arrest she came back home to Illinois because she realized that she needed family support to help her with her addiction and to be a good mom to her child. While in IL, she was arrested and never realized she had a warranty out for her arrest. She was in Cook County jail and extradited to Colorado for her sentencing. She plead guilty because she did not want to lose her child. Her sentence was 4 yrs probation and 10 yrs of sexual offender registration. She completed her probation without any incidents, followed requests to attend drug/alcohol abuse classes, sought psychological therapy. She registers yearly at Il police dept, as required. This last time she went to register she noticed that form indicated her as being a sexual predator and was told she would have to register for LIFE. This is due to Illinois having to match up their laws to Colorado and Illinois considers her predator of criminal sexual abuse. This is not what she plead guilty to in original conviction. She unfortunately got caught up in a situation that she is not. This young man took advantage of her in a passed out state and due to age difference, he got off “scott free” and she is paying for his mistake. She is not a criminal and also not a sexual predator. She just wants to serve her 10 registration which was to have ended in 5 more years and be able to enjoy going to her childs school plays, take her to a park and just be a ‘normal’ mom and do ‘normal’ mom things. She is a single mom. Any thoughts out there of how she may be able to fight this ‘registering for life-sex predator’ status?

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sorry-but she is paying for HER mistake, not his. she’s the one that was in hers 30s and too messed up to know what was going on. Evidently, she is a criminal as she had arrest warrants out for her in other places. i’m sorry she’s having a hard time–but those are the consequences for not being a responsible adult

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