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Did You Know Children Are Being Abused in Behavior Modification Programs, Boot Camps, “Boarding Schools”, Etc?

Question by caica: Did you know children are being abused in behavior modification programs, boot camps, “boarding schools”, etc?
There are thousands of children who are locked up in so-called “boarding schools”, boot camps, behavior modification programs, etc., where many are abused and neglected. Children have also died in these programs, as well as in mental health facilities. If you are interested in learning more, visit

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Answer by jinkasima
I’m sure you heard about that african american boy who was at a military camp and he was having trouble doing the exercises because he had a certain blood disease, and you could see the Sargeants or whatever the hell they’re called on video beating him up just because he was having trouble. HE HAD A DISEASE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Give him a break. So he ended up dying because of those asssholes. He was only 16 too. Now his family is without a son and he will never experience life because of those bastards. Something has to be done about this.

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