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Drug Rehabilitation Centers: Basic Facts to Know When Selecting a Drug Rehabilitation Center for Your Kid

Consumption of drugs has become very common among kids in today’s world. So, if parents find out from local drug testing centers that their child is drug addicted, they must soon admit their child to drug rehabilitation center for their child’s betterment.

However, this doesn’t mean the parents can admit their child to any drug rehabilitation center that they find out on their way to home. Certain points must be considered while selecting drug rehabilitation center for your child. Read them below.

Firstly, after you find out from the drug testing centers that your child is drug addicted you must first put your best efforts to find out a drug rehabilitation center that is close to your home. You are simply not going to drop off your child to the drug rehab after you come to know about the results that have been derived by the Drug rehabilitation center. You must have an important role to play in your child’s life by visiting him/her on regular basis.

Secondly, while choosing the drug rehab center for your child you must consider the charge of the facility. You must be active in finding out the costs that are involved and about the insurance coverage for your child’s drug rehab. Knowing the costs will help you to compare the costs of one rehab center and the other and make you understand better about what all will be covered by Medicaid or insurance.

Next, you must also find out the type of accreditation that drug rehab center has. Always look for a drug rehab center that is certified by JCAHO or such other equivalent body. Don’t ever admit your child in a drug rehab which is not authorized. Also find out whether the rehab center is licensed by state or not.

Another most important thing that needs to be taken into account while selecting the drug rehab facility is their treatment philosophy. Find out whether the rehab center teats people of different ages together or if teens are kept separately. Teen drug facilities have high success rate if adolescent patients are separated strictly from the adult patients.

You should also find out whether the facility subscribe to 12-step model. Your child may not be receptive to such type of treatments which can thus impact negatively on your child’s improvement. Look if the rehab has other options.

Moreover, you should consider the rehab center that offers educational allowances to your child. Just because the kid is in rehab does not mean the education of the kid must be sacrificed.

Finally, you must find out the duration of treatment that the drug rehab center will take to cure your child completely.

Choosing a good Drug rehabilitation center for your kid is not quite easy. You need to spend much time to educate yourself about the topic of drug abuse. So, if you want to spend your precious time educating yourself on drug abuse for better recovery of your child visit Ara Rubyan’s Drug Rehab Choices blog to get more knowledge about teen drug rehabilitation. provides the most comprehensive source for all test like drug test which can get you effective results on drugs like mariguana,cocaine etc. Better visit our website whether you have to visit a drug rehabilitation center or not.

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Uganda Commemorates International Day of Drug Abuse – As the world commemorates the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, private drug rehabilitation centers accuse government of negligence and lack of political will citing refusal to fund activities commemorating the day in Kampala. The administrators of over 3 private drug rehabilitation centers which converged at Kalerwe in Kampala for the day say they approached the Ministry of Health about activities to commemorate the day but were told that government had no plans for the day and that no funds had been set aside to facilitate the days activities. The theme for this year’s world international day against drug abuse is global action for healthy communities without drugs. In Kampala, drug abuse remains a huge driving factor behind the high crime rates in the suburbs of Bwaise, Katanga, Katwe, Kisenyi and Kamwokya . Some non-government drug rehabilitation centers say government is not doing enough to stamp out drug trafficking. John Amanya and Josephine Akellot who all run non-governmental registered drug rehabilitation centers in and outside Kampala say the Ministry of Health has not supported them in activities to draw attention to the problem. The two also say government has up to now failed to enact a drug master plan forwarded to it by private drug rehabilitation centers in 2008, a thing which they add is to blame for the rise in drug trafficking in the country. However, to help me understand the life of an addict and how one can manage to over


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