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6 Addiction Treatment Methods


6 Addiction Treatment Methods – Call 866-515-5032 Many addicts have no idea regarding the diverse forms of addiction treatment methods offered today. Not…


Cancer Patients Less Likely to Get Alzheimer's, Study Finds

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Given such a potentially unique connection between cancer and Alzheimer's, Galvin said, more research is now needed "to examine whether drugs used to treat cancers such as lung, leukemia, liver and pancreas may also be used to treat Alzheimer's.".
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Prescription drugs drop-off aimed at cutting abuse

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DPS said the five most abused prescription drugs in Mississippi in 2012 were hydrocodone, which is a narcotic pain reliever; alprazolam, which goes by the brand name Xanax and is used to treat anxiety disorder; tramadol, which is a pain reliever …
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Viagra used in clinical trials for women with problem pregnancies

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MARK COLVIN: A drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men may also hold the key to improving the survival and health of babies who stop growing in the womb. A world-first clinical trial of at-risk pregnant women is about to get underway in New …
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