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Does Anyone Know of a Free, or Cheap, Non Faith Based, Non 12 Step, Meth Addiction Treatment Program?

Question by Solomon: Does anyone know of a free, or cheap, non faith based, non 12 step, meth addiction treatment program?
With all the hype about meth addiction and it’s evils you would think it would be easy to find help. Not so far.
I have been looking for a free, or cheap, non faith based, non 12 step meth addiction outpatient program in the Phoenix Metro area. Something with counselling and medical supervision would be ideal. I cannot afford to not be working since I am self employed. I need to quit, and want to be clean. The cycle must be broken. Does anybody know how to help?

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Answer by ditdit
You can turn yourself around if you haven’t been addicted for a long time.
Good luck.
I know how you feel -but my addictions were anti depressants cigarettes and Jack Daniels

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