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Does Anybody Here Know if I Can Find a Drug Rehab Program in Iron River, Wisconsin?

Question by angelo jose: Does anybody here know if I can find a drug rehab program in Iron River, Wisconsin?
I’m looking for a drug rehab program that I can attend to because I really need some help regarding my addiction to marijuana. I’d prefer one that is in Iron River, Wisconsin so that I won’t be far away from home. I’ve realized that I have to be around a new set of people – those who can understand me more and I think I’ll find it in a rehab.

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Answer by Laredo
Congratulations on your decision to enter a drug treatment program.

These phone numbers may provide you the help you need.
Iron River, WI, Addiction Resources 1-800-559-9503 (24-hour Helpline).

Alcohol and Drug Information Center (715) 682-5207 in Ashland, WI, 22.13 miles from Iron River, WI.

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