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I Have a Cousin in Lahaska, Pennsylvania Who Need Substance Abuse Treatment…?

Question by aryana la: I have a cousin in Lahaska, Pennsylvania who need substance abuse treatment…?
I really want to help her because she has already asked for my help. She knows that she’s got a problem, but she can’t help it anyway. She keeps on buying prescription drugs and gets high. I’m planning on looking for a treatment center for her because I think this is the only way I can help. I don’t know how to find those, though.

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Answer by bayley y
You can contact your local health services administration and ask them where you can find treatment centers that take on cases such as your cousin’s. The links below might be able to help you too. Keep in mind, though, that your support and encouragement is already a big help. Studies have shown that positive reinforcement from friends and family members strengthen the benefits of a treatment program.

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