Prescription Drug Abuse a Vicious Cycle in W.Va.

Prescription drug abuse a vicious cycle in W.Va.

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Senator Jay Rockefeller began pushing for two pieces of legislation in March: the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act and The Excellence in Mental Health Act, which are designed to combat prescription drug abuse. These bills focus on …
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How to Lose the War on Drugs, Successfully

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Finally, if necessary, the doctor will provide the addict with a series of treatment options. This, coupled with a justice system that recognises that you 'can't arrest [your] way out of the drug problem' … This year's British Medical Association …
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Lessons from the States: Reducing Recidivism and Curbing Corrections Costs

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Additionally, analyzing the need for, and access to, various services (including substance abuse and mental health treatment programs and resources critical to reducing recidivism ensures that services are deployed where they are most needed …