Maine Voices: 'Affluenza' Case Underscores Power of Parents to Teach

Maine Voices: 'Affluenza' case underscores power of parents to teach

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WESTBROOK — The outrageous “affluenza” defense in the case of Ethan Couch – the Texas 16-year-old who got 10 years' probation after he struck and killed four bystanders while driving drunk – has ignited some conversations about teen behavior and … I …
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Atrocities of the drug trade

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But we all know who drives the drug trade. It's us. At our hip little parties, our New Year's Eve celebrations, our secret back rooms, and on the counters of people from well-off families who are destined for rehab. The economics of cocaine trafficking …


FDA Rejects French MS Drug For 'Serious Adverse Effects'

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rejected French drugmaker Sanofi's multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment called Lemtrada, the company announced on Monday. The rejection is considered a serious blow to the company, which had the drug recently …
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