Knowledge Report: Colin Henderson on Narconon


Knowledge Report: Colin Henderson on Narconon – Colin attended Scientology’s drug rehab program at their flagship facility in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead. He quickly discovered that what he was told was a…


Coalition targets popular rap song for blatant 'date rape' reference

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Parents Television Council is urging action against a rap song being aired on American radio stations that promotes violence against women and encourages use of a date-rape drug. … According to, which deals with dangerous rap music and …
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Still some cap space and adding players

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… overhypted players seem to have “issues” that keep them from playing well with others…Reggie Bush, Matt Leinert, Carson Palmer, why not try looking at talent in a different area of the country like the midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin, K-State …
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10 Responses to Knowledge Report: Colin Henderson on Narconon

  • omgsolikevalleygirl says:

    interesting – you are actually right, hypnosis does probably not count as a regular form of medicine. But it is a phenomenon that is accepted in psychology and? is used as a form of therapy.

  • Xythias says:

    I’ve never heard of hypnosis being a? form of medicine.

  • Xythias says:

    Excellent clip. I’m glad? he figured out the con so soon after he began. I wonder if (once the headache subsided) he was regged? And if so, I wonder if it worked.

  • omgsolikevalleygirl says:

    Hypnosis can absolutely cause headache. Evidently it was a trance state.
    Medicine without? a license.

  • marmite400 says:

    This Narconon sham is a 21st century version of snake oil quacks who are in it for the money. No wait, at least the quack knew he was selling bullshit, This bunch of deluded pyramid scheme enablers think they are on a mission? from a higher plane [or volcano!]. David Miscavige is directing this tragic sham which has killed several people already.


    hey wbm great work and progress so far? looking foreward to seeing the final product of your work.


    somebody said hubbard had a body guard in his last 15 years who was a vietnam green beret with MKUltra connections. so? with the conspiracy theory that jm jones ‘people’s temple’ was a cia experiment i wouldn’t see the cia passing on FREE DATA from an established cult like scientology, waco, or flds .


    if you’re new for more info on what colin here talks about at the start check out mark bunkers other video titled ‘yelling at ashtrays’. it has robert vaughn young and his exwife stacey brooks demonstrating it to a british news reporter.?

  • Josh Austin says:

    Ummmm what is the actual point of? this video….not saying that there needs to be a point for videos on youtube but it looked like this guy was trying to make a specific point…..

  • jacesan says:

    $cientology.? It’s worse than you think.

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