Just a Quick Custody Question? PLEASE ANSWER : )?

Question by Susie: Just a quick Custody question? PLEASE ANSWER : )?
Me and my husband are in OR and want to move to another state. His ex just checked into a mental facility, I guess a rehab center. Can we move with his child to another state while she’s in there and not have yo move back? We already have sole custody, but she has 50 shared parenting time. Also is there anyway we can obtain the info about what she checked in for, I know info may be confidential. His ex is a pathological liar and not doing right by her kid. She is in a bad environment and lies even to her daughter.we just want to do our best to protect her and start the child in another environment she is used to where she can get support from other family.all her mom cares about is money, what can we do?we have no problem finding a place to live and establishing ourselves there. And both of our families live their.

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Answer by Savannah
You will need court approval, is her family trying to make you stay? Will they file a suit? Does she have visitation? If so can she visit the child from rehab? Is she deemed legally insane or is this drug rehab? My brothers new wife had a boy with a Man in Michigan whom she was wed to. They divorced, he was checked into a mental rehab facility. She had full custody and moved to Indiana with my brother and child with no issues except her ex Inlaws who wanted the kids. That had zero claim though since technically they never had custody. You should be fine. Calls paralegal or lawyer though to check, small sacrifice to avoid a large problem

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