Is There a Law on Getting Your Kids Back From the State?

Question by bubble gum pop: Is There A Law On Getting Your Kids Back From The State?
In PA I lost my kids to the State through CYS. I visited them for six months and never got them back. I was wondering how I can go about on getting them back. How do I show the state that I am better. I want to to know what is my rights and duties?

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Answer by Michael H
When the children were taken, did the state not give you a parenting plan to follow? Stating that the return of the children be contingent upon following that plan?

What happened to that?

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  • irishmom91562 says:

    Following up on Michael’s correct comments, let’s start with your duties. I trust that you know full well WHY your children were removed from your custody. Common reasons for this include drug addiction, chronic alcoholism, prostitution, abandonment, neglect, cohabitation between two convicted felons or like situation that causes Youth Services to remove the children for their own good.

    No Family Court Judge relishes removing children from biological parents and into state care. So the answer to you would be that you would need to PROVE your fitness as a parent to a Judge. If you live in a bad area infested by drug dealers and gang bangers MOVE OUT. If you were using drugs or alcohol, get a rehab counselor to attest to the fact that you are clean and sober. If you’re unemployed, get a full time job. If your home is a pig sty, clean it up.

    In other words, whatever it is that you DID to lose your children, you will need to PROVE that you remedied before you will be able to regain custody.

  • youthleader_jokerhawk says:

    If you don’t know what to do to get them back, you probably don’t deserve to have them back yet.

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