Is Narconon an Effective/safe/trust Worthy Rehabilitation Process?

Question by Erin: Is Narconon an effective/safe/trust worthy rehabilitation process?
Recently my parents sent my brother to a Narconon rehabilitation center in Michigan and now that he’s been there for a few days we found out it was connected to Scientology. We’ve discovered it has had a lot of controversy (like being a fraud for getting members) and he’s had some complaints of odd treatment like staring into someone’s eyes for thirty minutes. Before we sent him there they even said they weren’t Scientologists.

I just want to know if it is effective and safe, and if Scientology is taught or even mentioned there. I’ve read all the stories and websites about it, but is there anybody who has actually physically been there to know what it’s like?

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Answer by Will
Here’s an article I found.

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