Is Narconon an Effective/safe/trust Worthy Rehabilitation Process?

Question by Erin: Is Narconon an effective/safe/trust worthy rehabilitation process?
Recently my parents sent my brother to a Narconon rehabilitation center in Michigan and now that he’s been there for a few days we found out it was connected to Scientology. We’ve discovered it has had a lot of controversy (like being a fraud for getting members) and he’s had some complaints of odd treatment like staring into someone’s eyes for thirty minutes. Before we sent him there they even said they weren’t Scientologists.

I just want to know if it is effective and safe, and if Scientology is taught or even mentioned there. I’ve read all the stories and websites about it, but is there anybody who has actually physically been there to know what it’s like?

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Answer by Will
Here’s an article I found.

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4 Responses to Is Narconon an Effective/safe/trust Worthy Rehabilitation Process?

  • Alex says:

    Narconon uses dangerous unscientific methods to treat patients. For example, patients are being given toxic doses of Vitamin B (niacin).

    There was a large investigation of it a few years ago:

    And here is a more recent blog post from Canada:

    Your brother is being brainwashed to become a scientologist. I would recommend getting him out and asking for a refund.

  • thetaalways says:

    Narconon is a secular (non religious) program. It is very effective I know this because I worked with this program myself and helped many hard core addicts get free of addiction and create a new life for themselves .
    I know this is what you want for your brother too and understand your concerns.
    It’s connection is only that it is licensed to use technology that was developed by L Ron Hubbard for the purpose of drug rehabilitation only. It is not licensed to teach or use Scientology.
    I recommend that you get all the information about the steps of this program, what they entail and what they handle so you understand how and why this program works. Contact the program or go to the Narconon website . Communicate any questions or concerns with them directly.
    They want to help your brother become free of drugs. They want the same result as you.
    There is no other purpose to the Narconon Program. I personally know many former addicts who have done this program and are now living happy and successful lives drug free. It works.
    It is an international program and operates successfully in many countries around the world.

  • Theta Works says:

    It’s connection to Scientology is that it is licensed to use some drug rehab technology developed by the founder of the Church. That has never been hidden and you’ll find that data on the web site as well as brochures.

    it is the most effective drug rehab program on the planet. It has a 75% success rate. I’m not exaggerating. Recidivism (relapse or re-occurrence of taking drugs) for normal drug rehab programs is quite high (according to recent studies I googled it varies between 67 – 75% of people doing them relapsing — or 25 – 33% success rate).

    Drug withdrawal is painful. Drills showing people how to get through those is part of the program.

    You’ll find haters of this program just as you will any social benefit program. The question one should be asking is, does it work?

  • Big Sword says:

    narconon is a scientology run help center for drug addiction which may seem like a positive thing on the surface but it is used as a recruitment tool yes. Avoid these people they are members of a scam based organisation. I would use youtube and google to identify as much information as you can to educate yourself about these people. Get him out now, if he becomes one of them and you and your family are not accepting of scientology they operate a policy of disconnection. Just read up on these people and listen to the ex scientologists speak on it, there are interviews on youtube you can watch.

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