I Think I May Have Given Up Hope…?

Question by Person: I think i may have given up hope…?
Im 14, I’ve had a lot of crap happen in my life. I found out the other day that my dad ended up in jail…again. Before this he was staying in a house my Grandparents provided, had a minimal but ok income, had been out of jail for over 2 years, and had conquered his addiction to drugs. But then out of nowhere came “friends” and “his loving girlfriend” and all of a sudden he was drinking a lot again. and got drunk and got in a fight with one of his “friends” and ended up in jail, this happened about a month ago and he’ll be getting out next week.

I love my dad, we seem to go through the same problem through out our life, we can’t escape our past. My dad has the strongest personality you could ever see…but he can’t handle change. he also is diagnosed with minor bipolar depression. what I’m concerned about is that when i found out he ended up in jail after doing so well I didn’t feel sad, mad, or even surprised. It makes me sad that i feel pretty much numb about the whole thing.

heres how the phone call went

me, “so any news?”
gma, ” well you’re dad ended up in jail…again”
me, “really? that sucks” (note my voice didn’t change at all)
gma, ” yup He got in a fight with *BLANK*”
the rest of the phone call was just conversation about random things

I love my Dad more than anything but i guess this my question…have i given up hope because i feel so numb about this whole thing?

Best answer:

Answer by Kell
I feel your pain.
It’s not that you have given up hope on your dad its just that you are use to it. As sad as that sounds its pretty normal. Alot of people don’t understand that alcohol is an addiction just like any other drug and by him being bipolar doesn’t help. Listen I’m 28 and i think I was around 13/14 when I realized my mom had a problem and when i turned 17/18 I realized no matter how much you love, care and want to see a person do better you can’t do anything about it untill THEY are ready to make that change in their life. So in some sense you do become numb to the feeling. I remember my mom was in the hospital almost my entire senior year of HS but it didn’t really phase me in my everyday life because that was her decision. Of course I don’t mean she wanted to get sick but what got her sick was the alcohol.
I love my mom dearly and will do anything for her except buy her liquor.
My final thought: Let your dad know how much his actions are effecting you and how you really feel about it. If he doesn’t or cant change then you have to move forward with your life. Your 14 now and in four years you will be out on your own and hopefully college. I recommend you seek counseling of some sort to sort out the issues you have with your dad. I’m not saying your crazy or anything like that but I just realized this last year that I have unresolved issues with my mom and I need to seek counseling.
Good Luck and hey no matter what your dad does I hope you know he loves you.

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19 Responses to I Think I May Have Given Up Hope…?

  • endthedrugwartoday says:

    Great Post.? Thx.

  • emorganschuster62 says:

    Whatever..but Alex Jones popularity is exploding world wide…so…it’s working. Went through my crazy partying stage, too. So I can’t judge Sheen. Had a lot of fun and I’d do it again. Had my lows? but never killed anyone or held up any liquor stores so what the hell. Don’t know Sheen or watch TV…not a fan. I’d say if he bothers you exercise your rights as a free thinking human being and ignore him. Then he’ll go away. I doubt Jones has any control over Sheen. No one does.

  • Dadutta says:

    Like you know Charlie? better than Alex, SEK41, you moron

  • SEK4110 says:

    I had no idea Sheen was Jewish until after I uploaded this video. I read a statement he gave to the media regarding this just recently. I? should have known, silly me.

  • SEK4110 says:

    I see your point. “The View” has a HUGE female audience. Jones acted just as nutty as Sheen has? been acting on that show. The news broadcasts acted as though they had never heard of Jones. I do not believe that for one second.

  • theveryelect24 says:

    Jones isn’t supporting him, he’s slowly killing him. The tv show is Sheen’s altar, he’s dying. Jones spends alot of time with Sheen, imagine the thoughts and ideas he puts into Sheen’s head. He controls him and is pushing him off the edge. The news networks always have to? be in the process of killing a celebrity, right now it just happens to be Sheen. He’s easily manipulated with drugs and whores so he’s a perfect candidate for the ritual.

  • theveryelect24 says:

    For some reason, they are making it a long, slow? and painful process for Sheen. Charlie is not a nice man but he does not deserve to be tortured like this. The people behind this are sick beyond belief. This is a psyop of the most perverted kind. All of them are acting.

  • theveryelect24 says:

    The bad guys could not be more delighted. Sheen? leads people to Jones, Jones leads people to Hell. It looks like Sheen is in the process of being sacrificed right now.

  • theveryelect24 says:

    Well, the connection is not an inherent one. Conspiracy does not = occult, however, the people who are exposing conspiracies today are frequently occultists who are playing the initiation game on their unsuspecting audiences. For instance, if a person starts taking an interest in UFOs, they *will* have their heads buried in Crowley books within two weeks – it’s just inevitable. Likewise, people? looking at 9/11 *will* start to study freemasonry. The whole thing is a big sick joke.

  • SEK4110 says:

    Your statement is an interesting? one. What is the connection between information on conspiracies and occult beliefs?

  • theveryelect24 says:

    This is how the game works: ladies in the audience don’t know who Jones is, so they go home and google him. the search brings up all kinds of information on conspiracies which gets people indoctrinated into occult beliefs. ? it’s a setup. the sheen distraction is just another excuse to get alex on tv and have this game played out all over again.

  • UltimateWarrior65 says:

    SEK4110 it? should be quite obvious why Jones hangs on Sheen’s every word. Sheen is part of the Chossid nobility (The Chosen People). In other words, it’s the old good ole boys Jew club of Hollywood looking out for each other.

  • T211274 says:

    Charlie Sheen is under mind control for sure…..?

  • joe1977poland says:

    I think they friends. I am sure Alex knows that friending Sheen may give his Infowars radio/business a boost. But in particular latest Sheen popularity boom, I dont think Alex knew whats coming. I? remember Alex talking about Sheen on radio loong before all this tv/popularity medness broke out.

  • smttysmth02gt says:

    The first thing that pops into my head? from seeing Jones/Sheen is…

    compulsive liar.

    That being said, I can’t believe Jones went on the View.

  • sinterminator says:

    I’m not religious. I don’t attend church. Charlie Sheen’s threesome is not a normal lifestyle and the thing is, the more people see this on TV, the more people will be confused, especially young people. If Charlie can get away with it, why can I not have two woman (and many more) and why shouldn’t I be high on dope all the time ? He lives for THIS moment totally indulging in the pleasures of the flesh. There is a good reason why God gave? us the 10 commandments.

  • tabray1 says:


  • tabray1 says:

    “Trust no man”? you seem to be very negative, alex jones and other alternative medias merely give people a platform to gain information on differant levels rather than your standard, boring, programmed medias (Fox news).
    People with open minds can decipher what info they believe to be true or false.

  • kuningasreno says:

    This woman? is just amazingly brainwashed moron:S soooo stuupid,like any other american idiot human

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