How Do I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Question by Landon: How do I make my hair grow faster?
If I get my spilt ends cut will that make my hair grow faster? What can I do to make my hair grow faster?

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Answer by Shazaan
OK, so I was obsessed with the same question about two months ago, and I was searching every website for an answer and tbh the only answer is:


I know you’ll think that answer is rubbish, but honestly its true. I had a haircut on Dec 14, lairs, to get rid of the splits ends I’d had for a year, and literally within 2 weeks it was back to the same length. And I LOVED my haircut, I was so lucky, I was taking a giant risk but I totally looked like a supermodel.

Hair cut definitely
Good shampoo and conditioner for YOUR hair type.
Brushing hair often


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  • Samie says:

    If you cut your split ends, it’ll make your hair look healthier! I’m not sure that it will make your hair grow faster though..
    You can grow your hair faster by…
    -showering less (natural oils are produced that promote hair growth)
    -eat nutritiously (eat more vitamins, and protein)

    I think there are some supplements out there to grow hair faster, maybe they’ll work, go to your pharmacist.
    Other than that, there isn’t much more tips to help grow hair faster. Be patient, that’s how nature intended dead skin cells to grow from our scalp. 😛

  • Sur La Mer says:

    No, it will only make the hair LOOK HEALTHIER.. If you’re healthy, & very active, your nails are growing, your hair should be growing RIGHT NOW. My 4 years old grand daughter knows how to let her hair grow. It’s almost down to her waist. If you want perfection, you NEED patience. Even anorexic models have long hairs, and they’re not considered ‘healthy’. I was one, and had long hair when I weighed 85 lbs.

    Babies can do that, by drinking their milk. . . . so can you, so can any of us without any help. From your: good genes, good hair care and all the healthy foods from Mother Nature, that’s where you get all your vitamins & minerals for growing from head to toes. Shampoos are meant for cleaning the hair, not for growing.

    If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
    Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – or 10 Best Foods for Your Hair.
    NO MATTER which link you picked, they all suggest the same foods. Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results. Hair is dead, but hair also has electrical energy; the negative charge of damaged hair can lead to flyways and unruly hair.

    Growing healthy hair doesn’t come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you’re in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you’re eating healthy foods. But when hair isn’t growing as fast, it’s because they’ve been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

    Cutting your split ends yourself, spend 5-10 mins. on a sunny day so you can easily spot them, using a 2″ scissors, cut strand by strand, section by section, allowing new growth to take over. Then 2x a year, get a good hair cut. This won’t speed things up, but it will make the hair look healthier while it’s growing. Even healthy hair like mine get them, due to normal brushing & styling. Hormonal changes can have a big effect on hair.

    Remember: The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’. Mechanical, chemical, or thermal styling. Hair straighteners and relaxers top the hair products pose the greatest risks. Hair relaxers, related products marketed heavily to African-American women, are dangerous because they may contain powerful chemicals such as lye, a toxic substance also used in drain cleaners.

    Man-made products & supplements can do more harm than good.
    Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, HAIR LOSS, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. FDA has received numerous reports of harm associated with the use of these products, including stroke, liver injury, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and death. 3-15-11. Pills like medications ALL have side effects. Beware. Example: “I used minoxidil drug to restore the hair on my head; however, I ended up with unwanted body hair. I don’t know if it is temporary or I have to seek medical treatment.” YA poster 9-27-12. Four men are charged in federal court for selling home-brewed hair growth drugs online.
    First Published Sep 29 2012 05:25 pm • Last Updated Sep 29 2012 10:56 pm
    Google Shanyna Isom Grows Nails Instead Of Hair Due To Skin Condition. Huffington Post By Rebecca Ballhaus
    Posted: 08/09/2012 12:08 pm Updated: 08/09/2012 1:36 pm
    “You find people oiling hair every single day, the hair sweats and it doesn’t get washed. What do you think happens? It goes limp and becomes thin because it is not breathing,” Shamillah Mohammed, a hairstylist at SUQA, says.
    • The hair on your head grows at about 0.00000001 miles per hour. That’s a half-inch per month. Mine grows 3/4” in 29 days.
    • Every day, the 5 million or so hairs on an adult’s body add about 40 yards of new growth.
    • At any given moment, about 90% of the hairs on your head are growing and 10% are getting ready to abandon ship.

    People giving advice here, should list their sources, and not try to sell you products.

  • Jenny Bolawski says:

    avoid using any kind of heat on your hair..that will help keep it really healthy and help it grow…i hope i helped in some way =)

  • Sqwiley says:

    okay get them cut and then everyday for one week take about 2-5 teaspoons of canola oil, not vegetable, or anything else, but canola. heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and massage in the roots of your hair ( basically most of your scalp). then tip your head upside down for 2 minutes leave on for 2 hours and wash out with a shampoo twice ( rinse and repeat) use something like herbal essense because i used 3 different kinds while doing this ( head and shoulders for example ) and that didnt get the oil out perfectly like the herbal essence did. Trust me it wont make your hair look greasy and just do it for one week everymonth and your hair will grow like 2-5 inches dependant. mine grew 3 inches in the one week. be patient it really works though!

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