How Can I Get Involved With \Rehab?

Question by claumpit: how can i get involved with \rehab?
im in a group of kids at school and i live in michigan, macomb. and i was wondering if there was any centers we could help get involved in with rehab? please gimme a link.. thank you
i dont believe i made myself clear.. i dont NEED rehab, i was just wondering if there was any way to volunteer and help people in rehab..

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Answer by kylander9878
just do lots of drugs, get arrested and say that you will go to rehab.

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  • Talldude says:

    lol just try to be amy wine house or get started with drugs but never ever ever!!!!! do that ever!! never ever for never ever
    if you want to help them good luck try to apply in a mental hospital they do the same thing almost

  • smoothkenny says:

    By searching online for the best living situations and quality of the care. In order to achieve bliss and become fully rehabilitated from the drug or disease you may have, you need to live in a relaxing environment with a good group of people who know what they are doing and know how to help. I’m leaving a link below that could be of some use.

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