Free Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs in Seattle Area?

Question by roger: Free outpatient drug rehab programs in seattle area?
I was wondering if anyone knows any low cost or free outpatient drug rehab treatmenats in the seattle area, the judge is forcing me to go to one but i dont have money and i will go to jail if i dont get in one any information would be helpful thanks
im too poor to have any type of insurance of only make 600 bucks a month because finding a job for somone like me is almost imposible felonys and such….

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Answer by Nicole
do you have insurance or any sort? Most insurances will cover the costs!
good luck.. Hope the treatment works for you

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  • postal p says:
  • modelsexi says:

    Good :)?

  • Leifman1000 says:

    WAAAAAH WAAAAAAH WAAAAAAH, shouldnt have put the needle in your arm?

  • Kenya Campbell says:


  • eequalsmcdonald says:

    Not a long time user?

  • Madisen Nish says:

    You explained it perfectly. although I’m not sure exactly what your taking,
    I myself am weening off 30mg hydromorph contin via IV, from the whole thing
    to now just a quarter of it! its so hard but stick in there, I hope your
    better now since this was posted a while ago. you can msg me if you want,
    having support helps sometimes, n if your bf is still doing it you need
    someone positive! good luck!?

  • eequalsmcdonald says:

    Not a long time user?

  • Brooklyn Girl says:

    What a potty mouth. I couldn’t take you seriously for some reason. you are
    not a long time user for sure. Work out the cursing because it really
    doesn’t make you look down with it darling.?

  • John Keating says:

    When I quit cold turkey from a 10-12 bag a day habit, I was sick for ten
    days. The first day was no to bad but the days after were very painful. I
    am grateful that I NEVER HAVE TO FEEL THAT WAY AGAIN.

  • greebuh says:

    She probably just shot up her last dose not too long before this vid. You
    don’t look sick right from the start. There is a lot of info on this
    subject out there, just look the shit up.

  • greebuh says:

    Not true, you can die from opiate withdrawal. Just do a quick search so you
    are not misinforming people. Some people don’t like to hear that they can
    die from it, so they will agree with your statement.

  • Brandon Quenneville says:

    Listen she said her sypts are not strong. She is not long time user

  • Brandon Quenneville says:

    Good girl. Get this video out ther. This is the simple truth. 3 days hump
    like any other addiction. Big deal two days sick. Get off the dope. Life so
    much better. I was hooked i fukin know!!!

  • Robert Clayton says:

    Its day 1

  • Clint Johnson says:

    she doesn`t look like she has sickness!

  • Anglichanen says:

    Hick by name hick hillbilly by nature hahaha

  • Chas3Hickman says:

    get over yourself. you’re bald and overweight. trash.

  • Barbara Shiver says:


  • Barbara Shiver says:

    I have a friend who died 2 times in jail coming off methadone so don’t go
    there! Methadone withdrawls can kill you and so can herion if you have been
    on it for like years!!!

  • Barbara Shiver says:

    I heard this girl was dead!!?? If so R.I.P sister..

  • John Sabp says:

    um. no. ALL drugs do that. What you are trying to understand is called the
    disease of addiction. I am not sure where you get your information from. In
    fact that “hole” is the reason many people start drinking and or taking

  • John Sabp says:

    I love you too. let us get married

  • John Sabp says:

    rubbish. So you are giving advice while you are high?

  • Chris Hoyt says:

    you are correct…

  • Danny Hunter says:

    She is still getting high

  • 42069johnnyblaze says:

    She should become a motivational speaker!!!! Her purpose was to inspire
    other fake heroin addicts with her stoned ass wisdom. Such an inspirational
    speech…. “uuuhhhhh then you fucking uhhhhh…. oh yeah and then uhhhhhh
    fucking yeah I just blew someone uhhhhhh I just want to inspire uhhhhh
    addicts cuz like uhhhhh I smoke weed and fucked a junkie once and he told
    me kind of what withdrawal is like uhhhh..” Thank You Soooooo much you
    saved my life a walking STD 4 sure 🙂

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