Enough of Air Head No Talent Celebs?

Question by Andromopina: Enough of Air Head No Talent Celebs?
I for one am sick and tired of reading about these “Waste of Space” celebs. Why Oh Why does the media keep pushing these idiots into the limelight. If I was a news editor I’d flush this kind of “news” down the toilet. A few weeks ago we had one that got special treatment doing jail time now she’s in the “news” again. Collectively they are either ; on and off drugs, in and out of rehab, on booze off booze, pregnant , not pregnant. New boy friend or dumped boy friend, married, not married. These people are not celebs they are jerks. Why do we put up with them??? Enough, if we all boycott them maybe, just maybe, they’ll all crawl back to their respective holes. Forcing the media report on celebs with real talent and ability, and at least some value to society . IF I were to be polled I’d give these people a big fat ZERO.

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Answer by momatad
I for one agree. I really think that the media is afraid to stick a pin in these air heads because the vacuum caused would suck in half of Hollyweird.

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